Inside facts of stage and screen (February 14, 1931)

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Saturday, February 14, 1931 INSIDE FACTS OF STAGE AND SCREEN Page Nine Music Notes _ By ARCH WOODY _ jimmy Bates and Sammy Ep- stein can still be heard at the Kress music counter. But authorities have stepped in with indications and hints that the big parade of plug- gers will no longer croon at this popular counter. “Trouble From Abroad'’ is the new name for Radio Pictures’ “Powder Marks,” a two-reel com- edy, produced by Louis Brock, fear turing E'ord Sterling and Lucien Littlefield. * * * * Eddie Lambert has been signed to star in Leigh Jason’s third “Humanette v to be produced at Ra- dio Pictures’ studio. * * *, Jimmie Dugan has been signed for a role in “Board and Room,” now being directed by Gregory Ljt Cava, featuring Edna May Oliver, Hugh Herbert and Dorothy Lee. * * = 1 = Rosalie Rae has been cast for a role in Raoul Walsh’s “Women of All Nations” at Fox. = 1 = * * S. N. Behrman, Fox writer, has returned to Hollywood from New York. * * * Lily Damita and Ricardo Cortez will have the two chief roles in “Put on the Spot” to be produced by Charles Rogers Productions for Radio. Harry “Joe” Brown will direct. William B a k e w e 1 1 has been signed to play. opposite Helen Twelvetrees in “Registered Wom- an.” Already assigned to the cast are H. B. Warner and Zasu Pitts. * * * William Post, New York state actor, has arrived at Radio Pic- tures’ studio to start a long-term contract with that organization. (= * * Educational is making a sequel to its comedy, “T hree Hollywood Girls,” called “Crashing Holly- wood. It will feature Eddie Nu- gent, Phyllis Crane and Rita Flynn. SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 12.— With the acquisition of Tom Ger- un’s band on March 8, Columbia Broadcasting; System will have a quartet of the Coast’s outstanding dance combinations, three of them centered here. This does not in- clude studio combinations. Anson Weeks and his Hotel Mark Hopkins group, Val Valente’s Roof Garden Cafe orchestra, both local, and Earl Burtnett’.s Los Angeles Hotel Biltmore band are currently on the Coast network, and Gerun comes on next month when his and Frank Martinelli’s Bal Tabarin Cafe opens here. Remote controlling of these four groups gives CBS a decided edge over its nearest chain competitor, NBC, which network has Laughner- Harris from the St. Francis Hotel as the only remote control hotel or cafe dance group on regularly. NBC has a flock of studio bands and a number who are in the East. Bryant Washburn, Wilbur Mack and Virginia Brooks have also ueen cast. * * * Allied Pictures Corporation has purchased a Jack Cunningham story, “Clearing the Range.” * * * Arthur Hoyt and Ethel Wales have been signed for roles in Co- lumbia’s "The Flood.” Tinting is directing. * * sjs With the signing of Ed Le Saint and Clarence Muse, the cast of Co- lumbia’s “The Last Parade,” has been completed, ETle C. Kenton, di- recting. The cast includes Tack Holt and Tom Moore, Constance Cummings, Gaylord Pendleton, Ed- mund Breese, “Vivi.” Erie D. Bunn, Jesse De Vorska and Sam Nelson. * * * Sidney B r a c e y and Edward SEATTLE, Feb. 12— Hermine King, concerting and pbilharmoniz- ing with that big orchestra of his at the Fifth Ave., presented the “Car- men” quartet. “Rigoletto” selections and medleys from “Thais” and “Faust” for class register. Her- mine King has held down an ace spot as a musical director for Fanchon and Marco for three prosperous and successful years, and going stronger than ever. Many offers for the’ King brand of entertainment pop tip with regularity, but it looks like the Hermine King - Fanchon -Marco marriage has taken. EXCHANGE MOVES SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 12- Tiffany exchange has moved into the former Warner Bros, location on Golden Gate avenue. BACK FROM TOUR SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 12— Harry Bush, representing Morse Preeman, has returned from a cong plugging tour of the East. Hearn have been added to tire cast of “Phantom Hoofs” that “Buck” Jones is making. * * * Jack Dunn opened in a blaze of glory at the Rainbow Gardens with cast of prologue at RKO, appear- ing • in person. Personnel of the band is Joe Bayer, sax and voice; Ted Huffine, trumpet arid mela- phone; Buddy Johnson, drums arid vibraphone; Andy Partridge, bass; Connie Taylor, trumpet, voice and melaphone; Art Cinder, trombone; Eddie Thomas, sax and voice; Ed- die Pratt, sax, violin and voice: Keith Lord, banjo, violin and voice. * * * Harold Popel, assistant manager at the new Los Angeles, is a brother of Alvin Popel, who oper- ates a chain of theatres in Chicago. * * * The Mexican Theatre at First and Main streets, is operating with a new policy of all-white burlesque. M KW M3 SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 12.—- Confinuing its success of last sea- son, S. L. Cross Music Corp. has put out two new tunes, “Everybody Wish” and “It’s Gone (That Won- derful Feeling),” and has on the press two others, “Forgiven” and “Sally and the Baby.” Company plans to publish from IS to 18 tunes during 1931, and is reaching about 12,000 sheet music counters through outstanding jobbers. Archie Bleyer, Lindsay McPhail and Plarry Powell are arranging for the firm. Foreign representatives’ for Cross are Campbell-Corinelly, London, and Collins Music House, Australia. Corporation has about 200 stock- holders, including a number of or- chestra leaders, radio artists and music- dealers throughout the West. Gene McCormick is professional manager. Goldberg and Alphin are the man- agers. * * * New theme song is “I’m Looking For My Notice in the First Mail.” Harry Coe, after being witlr the Feist firm for 14 years, received his this week—not on account of Harry’s ability though. * * . * Jimmy Bittick Still out at the Town House and more than mak- ing good. * * * Ran into Eddie Prinz, brother of Le Roy, going down Hollywood Boulevard half asleep with a big fur benny and his undershirt ex- posed. LOS ANGELES There is much shifting among the leaders for the week, and several new entrants have slipped in. “I Surrender, Dear,” heads the list by a wide margin. Following are the 10 best sellers: 1. “I Surrender, Dear”—Harms. 2. “You’re Driving Me Crazy” —Donaldson. 3. “Tears”—-Shapiro. 4. “Body and Soul”—De Sylva, Brown and Henderson. 5. “I’m Alone Because I Love You”—Witmark. 6. “Imagine” — Hollywood Syn- dicate. 7. “Little Things in Life”—Ber- lin. 8. “Peanut Vendor”—Marks. 9. “Sing Song Girl”—Red Star. 10. “Truly”—Berlin. Thete’s a long and heavy string of strong competitors which in- cludes “Give Me Something to Re- member You By,” "Stolen Mo- ments,” “It Must be True,” “To Whom It May Concern,” “Blue Again,” “For You,” “Moonlight oil the Colorado,” “Walkin’ My Baby Back Home,” “Laughing at Life,” and “Lonesome Lover.” 2 lin." 3. 4. 5 . SAN FRANCISCO Leaders for the week are: 1. “I Surrender, Dear”—Powers. Little Things In Life”—Ber- “Peanut Vendor”—Marks. “Body and Soul"—Harms. “To Make a Long Story Short” —Red Star. 6. “Overnight”—Robbins. 7. “Blue Again”—Robbins. 8. “You’re Driving Me Crazy”— Donaldson. 9. “You’re the One I Care For.” 10. “I’m All Alone”—Witmark. HAVANA c - DE ARMAS IN HOLLYWOOD Makers of Fine Havana Cigars Specializing in Individual Blends Boxes of 25 and 50 dCfvere<| everywhere GRanite 0359 5921 Hollywood Blvd. Grand Opening Announcement FRI. 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