International Projectionist (Oct 1931-Sep 1933)

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February 1933 INTERNATIONAL PROJECTIONIST 27 multiply enormously, so that the person who has the disease soon begins to throw off bacilli through his mouth and nose in coughing, sneezing, spitting and breathing. In the early stages of the disease no symptoms are usually apparent, and in many cases are never pronounced enough to make the person visit a doctor. Nevertheless, he continues to throw off the tubercle bacilli and thus infects those with whom he is closely associated, whether in his family or at business. Of those persons who thus acquire the disease, one may show active symptoms even before the person who gave it to him. Group Examination Necessary It is for this reason that the modern physician is not satisfied merely to place his patient under treatment, but demands that the rest of the patient's family be examined so he may discover whether his patient is the only member who has the disease, and whether he has given it to The X-Ray is an important Aid in discovering tuberculosis others or acquired it from one who may be totally unaware that he has it. Only by such procedure can tuberculosis be dethroned from its place as the greatest death-dealing disease between the ages of 15 and 45. It is to broadcast this information as widely as possible that the 2,084 affiliated tuberculosis associations of the United States conduct each year an educational campaign which they call fittingly an "Early Diagnosis Campaign." This year it will begin April 1, and under the slogan "Examine and Protect All Contacts," will propound the questions, "From whom did he get it? To whom did he give it?" RCA PORTABLE P.A. SYSTEM HAS MANY IMPROVEMENTS THE development of a portable "public address" system which provides improved quality of reproduction, simplicity of operation and is housed in a single self-contained carrying case, has been announced by the RCA Victor Company. The new "velocity" ribbon microphone is an intergral part of the new system. The amplifier is an exceptionally "high gain" unit utilizing Class "B" amplifica tion and providing an output of 20 watts. Two electric-dynamic type loudspeakers are mounted behind grilled openings in the front half of the carrying case, with a 30-ft. extension cable which, together with the 30-ft. cable connected to the microphone, permits of placing the loudspeakers at any desired point from the microphone. The system is provided with volume and tone color controls, a microphone transfer switch, and a special Voice-Music switch for accentuating voice pick-up alone or with a musical i)ackground. The whole system is said to be as simple to operate as an ordinary radio receiver advance orders reflect widespread approval of this new equipment. NATIONAL PROJECTOR CARBONS Lead in Total Illumination and Efficiency TOTAL LUMENS LUMENS PER AMPERE d c-2 Cl C-2 GREATEST VOLUME OF ILLUMINATION— MOST LIGHT PER AMPERE The results of competitive tests, charted above, show that National High Intensity Projector Carbons (A) lead the field. NATIONAL PROJECTOR CARBONS GIVE BETTER SCREEN ILLUMINATION NATIONAL CARBON COMPANY, INC, Carbon Sales Division, Cleveland, Ohio Unit of Union Carbide |l | ^ i^ and Carbon Corporation BRANCH SALES OFFICES: NEW YORK PITTSBURGH CHICAGO SAN FRANCISCO How Maiij? Was this copy dog-eared when it came to you? How many men read it ahead of you? You would receive a clean, fresh copy if you had a personal subscription — and you wouldn't have to wait — you would be first to read it. Use the coupon below. INTERNATIONAL PROJECTIONIST 1 West 47th Street, New York, N. Y. Enter my subscription for n 1 year —12 issue*— $2.00 n 2 years24 issues— $3.00 Address City State Local