International projectionist (Jan-Dec 1953)

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NEWS PROJECTIONS COLUMBIA Pictures has adopted an aspect ratio of 1.85 to 1, and 3-chan- nel magnetically recorded sound for all future productions, according to Harry Cohn, president. He also reports that the studio now has a camera which will pro- vide prints for flat, 3-D or large-screen projection. . . . Progress for the Cinema- Scope wide-screen method of projection is indicated by a recent batch of equip- ment orders, totalling 118 houses, 20th Century-Fox announced. * * * Paravision, Paramount's wide screen piocess, will receive its premiere soon when "Shane" opens at the Radio City Music Hall in New York. Aspect ratio in this case is 1.66 to 1. "Shane" was filmed in the normal flat process with conventional screen proportions, but a change is effected by the use of special projection lenses. . . . Jack Warner an- nounces that Alfred Hitchcock's next pic- ture, "Dial M for Murder," will be shot in 3-D. WarnerColor and stereophonic sound will also be employed. . . . Warner Bros, also made news this month with its aggressive New York television promo- tion for the 3-D, "House of Wax." Twelve 10- and 20-second spots were used on WNBT and WABC-TV. * * * Before very long, color television may be competing with 3-D and wide-screen movies for public attention. CBS is re- ported to have abandoned all plans to exploit its non-compatible system of Tv color, which won FCC approval a few years ago even though it left the set manufacturers cold. The way is now open for early FCC hearings on the cam- patible system developed by RCA. This system poses fewer problems to the in- dustry because existing Tv sets can pick up compatible color transmissions in black-and-white. . . . RKO Radio has se- lected "Louisiana Territory" as the final I title for its first 3-D picture. Filmed with the Norling Camera, it will be released May 30. 1 A good example of the impact of 3-D Ion the exhibition business is the an- nouncement by Natural Vision that it has shipped 12 million polaroid filters to more than 600 theatres. The company re- s f&fifK: uper Snaplites are better indoors or out. Sharper Pictures, Greater Contrast, More Light, Better Defi- nition all add up to happy patrons. Make your Movies Better Than Ever; use Super Snaplite lenses. Super Snaplite Projection Lenses give a true speed for f/1.9 in every focal length up to 7 inches. Ask for Bulletins 207 and 209. Also Series II SNAPLITES with a speed of f/2.0 KOLLiUOl 4* PLANT: NORTHAMPTON, MASSACHUSETTS COICI'OKjITION NEW YORK OFFICE: 30 CHURCH ST., NEW YORK 7, N. Y. INTERNATIONAL PROJECTIONIST • April 1953 27