International projectionist (Jan-Dec 1954)

Record Details:

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Oven-fired pToMic encapsulated — shock, moisture and temperature-proof. OTHER FEATURES • Low impedance coils compatible with all standard reproducers employing accepted transformer input preamplifiers. • Tested under 500 hour operating conditions. • Easy to install (complete installation data furnished for all types of reproducers). • Performance guaranteed. MOVIE SUPPLY COMPANY 1318 S. Wabash Avenue, Chicago, III Cinematic Corporation 122 Washington St., Bloomfield, N.J. EL PASO THEATRE EQUIPMENT CO. 7522 Monterey Drive, El Paso, Texas STERLING SALES & SERVICE, INC. 2019 Jackson Street, Dallas, Texas T^JPATRE EQUIPMENT COMPANY 1206 Cherry St., Toledo, Ohio THEATRE EQUIPMENT & SUPPLY CO. 1009 N. 7th St., Milwaukee 3, Wise. HARRIS THEATRE SALES, INC. 321 S. Church St., Charlotte, N.C. RHODES SOUND & PROJECTION SERVICE 218 East 56th Street, Savannah, Georgia McCARTY THEATRE SUPPLY COMPANY 3330 Olive Street, St. Louis 3, Missouri SEE YOUR DEALER TODAY TO ASSURE EARLY DELIVERY! AMERICA'S LEADING MANUFACTURER OF MAGNETIC FILM RECORDING AND REPRODUCING DEVICES MICROPHONE MIXERS SOUND EQUIPMENT PORTABLE FILM RECOROERS Cinemascope REPRODUCERS 3'CHANNEL MULTI CHANNEL STUDIO DUBBERS REPRODUCERS INTERLOCKED DUBBERS and RECORDERS DUALITY AMPLIFIERS lor MAGNETIC RECORDING and REPRODUCTION MAGNASYNC MANUFACTURING CO., LTD. • 5519 SATSUMA AVE., NORTH HOLLYWOOD, CALIF. • POplar 6-1692 INTERNATIONAL PROJECTIONIST • APRIL 1954