International projectionist (Jan-Dec 1954)

Record Details:

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^Icuik! THE FIRST DRIVE-IN THEATRE INSTALLS APPROVED DUAL -SPEAKER IN -CAR STEREOPHONIC SOUND The 900 Car Motor-Vu Drive-ln Salt Lake City (Owned and operated by Eric and Carl Peterson) Presents "THE ROBE" IN CINEMASCOPE on a 102' X 48' screen Opened March 19 to Capacity Crowd with a MOTIOGRAPH IN-CAR STEREOPHONIC SOUND SYSTEM and MOTIOGRAPH AAA PROJECTORS VAe GMoUeHce e4i4Jti44da6JUcalUf. acclcU4fted two-okanHel ite^eafiliOHic iound. The installation was supervised by Service Theatre Supply, Inc., Salt Lake City; Motiograph, and Altec Service engineers. INTERNATIONAL PROJECTIONIST • APRIL 1954 II