International projectionist (Jan-Dec 1954)

Record Details:

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For CinemaScopC TRADE MARK REG fi J 1] £ 1) II fi • • • J \ TRUTH / \ "^ / \ advertising/ I 9 o • / '^ MAGNA MAGNARC TRADE MARK REG £ J i] £i) il £ WRITE FOR DATA 32,000 LUMENS At 180-185 Amperes . . . With No. 15363-Q and No. 15367-P, "Hy-Speed" Condensers . . . With a .715" x .912" "CinemoScope" aperture . . . With a 3" Focus, F-1.8 coated projection lens ... On any kind or any size of screen .... Using presently available and standard carbons, there is "No other projection lamp in the world, today" that can produce so much light. NOT A REFLECTOR ARC i 22,000 TOTAL At 75-77 amperes . . . With presently available and standard 8x9 m/m copper coated carbons . . . With a .715" X .912" "CinemoScope" aperture . . . With a 3" Focus, F-1.8 coated projection lens . . . With a 14" diameter No. 2012 PEERLESS "Hy-Lumen" glass reflector that retails at a list price of $22.00 F.O.B. Chicago . . . With a No. 2880 PEERLESS Tail Flame Flue . . . On any kind or any size screen . . . No Heat Filter required. All of this, at the lowest possible first, and operational cost. And NO HIGH RATE OF ($60.00) REFLECTOR BREAKAGE OR SILVERING DETERIORATION — J.E.McAULEY MFG. CD. S52-5S4 WEST ADAMS STREET CHICAGO & ILLINOIS « SUISIDIARY OF CENERAL PRECISION EQUIPMENT CORPORATION