International projectionist (Jan-Dec 1954)

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'^cv -2 mk THE PICTURE IS LIGHT... GIVE IT ALL YOU CAN with "NATIONAL" CARBONS INTERNATIONAL PROJECTIONIST « • Given the best projector carbons made, the "rest" of perfect projection lies in the projectionist's skill and the service rendered by his supplier. National Carbon's nationwide advisory service has featured prominently in every phase of projector-lighting progress from the discovery and development of new and better carbon-arc materials right down to their firing-line application in theatres. Not only do "National" carbons excel in brilliance, color-balance and uniformity, but they give you all these features at the lowest cost per unit of light and per inch of carbon consumed. Call on "National" carbons and National Carbon service for the ultimate in picture quality, at least overall cost. The term "National" is a registered trade-mark ot Union Carbide and Carbon Corporation NATIONAL CARBON COMPANY A Division of Union Carbide and Carbon Corporation • 30 East 42nd Street, New York 17, N. V. District Sales Offices: Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Kansas City, New York, Pittsburgh, San Francisco IN CANADA: Union Carbide Canada Limited, Toronto OCTOBER 1954