International projectionist (Jan-Dec 1954)

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'A PROJECTION ARC LAMP NATIONAL^ "xc elite' Be sure to get the lamp that is readily adaptable to all types of modern screen presentation. National's Reflect-O-Heat unit permits the great increase in volume of light at the mammoth new screens, without a corresponding increase in heat at the aperture. The Automatic Crater Positioning Control System insures that both carbons are so fed as to maintain a correct arc gap length and to keep the position of the positive crater at the exact focal point of the reflector. Thus, throughout the presentation, the screen light is always of the same color, without variations from white to either blue or brown. The projectionist is accordingly freed from the necessity of constantly supervising the arc so that he can devote himself to the care of other technical features of projection which are not on an automatic basis and which require continual attention. The arc is stabilized by a stream of air which maintains a prescribed system of ventilation of the area surrounding the arc. This air jet prevents the hot tail flame of the arc from reaching the reflector, supplies enough oxygen so that no black soot is produced, and keeps white soot from collecting on the reflector in such quantity as to absorb heat which would cause breakage. Unit construction permits easy removal of the elements for inspection in servicing. GENERAL A SUBSIDIARY OF •THERE'S A BRANCH NEAR YOU" m PRECISION EQUIPMENT CORPORATION INTERNATIONAL PROJECTIONIST • OCTOBER 1954