Kalem Kalendar (1915)

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DESPERATE DUD, THE PLUMBER A Burlesque Comedy CAST Fearsome Philander, the painter Desperate Dud, the plumber Handsome Dick, his assistant Flirtatious Lizzie ...PHILLIP DUNHAM ..CHARLES DUDLEY WILLIAM WOLBERT ETHEL TEARE Released FridaXt March 12th P HILANDER and DUD, who both love Lizzie, are deadly enemies. Observing Dnd spooning in the park with Lizzie, Philander joins them. He attempts to rout his rival by jabbing him in the back with a hat pin. Phil- ander’s aim is bad. He sticks Lizzie instead. A fight results. The rivals use paint as weapons. Poor Lizzie, like all by- standers, gets the worst of this en- counter. While the battle rages, the girl hastens home to remove the paint from her person. As luck would have it, something has gone wrong with the water supply. Lizzie sends to Dud's shop for a plumber. Handsome Dick answers the call. Shouldering a huge pipe, he heads for Lizzie's house. The pipe does fear- ful damage before he arrives at his destination. While endeavoring to lo- cate the cause of the trouble, Dick con- nects the electric light wires to the water pipes. Lizzie happens to touch one of the faucets and is almost shot through the side of the house. Dud arrives and learns of the trouble wliich Dick is causing. He invades the cellar where he finds his assistant soulfully playing on a flute and taking things easy. Dud speedily ends the con- cert and puts Dick to work. This time, the man is more successful. Proceeding up to the bath room to test out the water system, Dick turns on the faucet. The result is a stream of water which hurls him to the ceiling, pins him there, and floods the house. A Strong One-Sheet Poster for this Farce