Kinematograph year book (1939)

Record Details:

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Kinema Directory (Circuits). 467 BEN JAY CIRCUIT. — Head Office : 145, Wardour Street, London, W.I. Telephone: Gerrard 2239. Astoria Cinema, Forest Hill. Regent Cinema, Holloway. Empire Cinema, Ilford Lane. Empire, Great Yarmouth. G«m, Great Yarmouth. Hippodrome, Lowestoft. Palace, Lowestoft. 0. S. JOSEPH CIRCUIT. — Offices : 45, Newhali Street, Birmingham, 3. Telephone : Central 6009. Managing Director : C. S. Joseph. Savoy Cinema, Bilston. Theatre Royal, Bilston. Delicia Cinema, Gosta Green, Birmingham. Forum Cinema, Bradley. Palace Cinema, Great Bridge. Haven Cinema, Stourport-on-Severn. Palace Cinema, Wednesbury. Rialto Cinema, Wednesbury. A. N. KENDAL, LTD. — Registered Office: Hippodrome, Tidworth. Governing Director: A. N. Kendal. Telephone : Tidworth 97. Garrison Theatre, Bulford. Garrison Theatre , Larkhill. Hippodrome, Tidworth. KESSEX CINEMAS, LTD.— Offices : Bank Chambers, 185, Wardour Street, London, W.I. Telephone : Gerrard 6644. Rio Cinema, Barking. Regent Cinema, Becontree. Grange Cinema, Dagenham. Heathway Cinema, Dagenham. Savoy Cinema, Ilford. A. B. KING — Office : 190 West Regent Street, Glasgow, C.2. Telephones : Douglas 1195 and 1196. Telegrams : Kenafilm, Glasgow. Cinema, Airdrie. Strand, Alexandria. Orient, Ayr. Rio, Bearsden, Glasgow. Playhouse, Buckie. La Scala, Clydebank. Cinema, Coatbridge. Picture House, Cowdenbeath. Cinema, Crieff. Palace, Dalkeith. Pavilion, Dalkeith. Lyceum, Dumfries. Empire, Dunbar. Playhouse, Dunbar. Alhambra, Dunfermline. Regal, Dunfermline. Picture House, Elgin. Playhouse, Elgin. Empire, Fraserburgh. Picture House, Fraserburgh . Astoria Picture House, Glasgow. Bedford, Glasgow. Cambridge Cinema, Glasgow. Casino, Townhead, Glasgow. Elder Picture House, Govan, Glasgow. Elephant, Cornhill, Glasgow. Embassy, Cornhill, Glasgow. Gaiety, Anderston, Glasgow. Grand Theatre, Glasgow. Hampden, Crosshill, Glasgow. La Scala, Glasgow. Lome Cinema, Ibrox, Glasgow. Lyceum, Govan, Glasgow. Mosspark Picture House, Glasgow. New Grand, Cowcaddens, Glasgow. Regent, Glasgow. Rosevale Cinema, Partick, Glasgow. Seamore, Glasgow. B. B. Cinema, Greenock. La Scala, Helensburgh. Palace, Huntly. Playhouse, Invergordon. Empire, Inverness. La Scala, Inverness. Playhouse, Inverness. Palace, Keith. Playhouse, Keith. Empire, Kilmarnock. Picture House, Kingussie. Rio, Kirkcaldy. Regal, Lanark Gaiety Theatre, Leith. Empire, Linlithgow. Opera House, Lochgelly. Palace, Methil. Playhouse, Montrose. Playhouse, Nairn. Empire, North Berwick. Kelburne, Paisley. La Scala, Paisley. Empire, Peebles. Playhouse, Peebles. Empire, Penicuik. Playhouse, Perth. Playhouse, Peterhead. Eclipse Pictures, Port Glasgow. Broadway Cinema, Prestwick. Palace, Rothesay. Rio, Rutherglen. Cinema, St. Andrews. Countess Cinema, Saltcoats. Picture House, Tain. Breadalbane Hall, Wick. Pavilion, Wick. LANGDON ENTERPRISES, LTD. Registered Office : Ritz Cinema, Seaford, Sussex. Telephone : Seaford 2988. Registered Offices : Ritz Cinema, Seaford, Sussex. Rothbury Cinema, Portslade. Empire Cinema, Seaford. Ritz Cinema, Seaford. L. C. V. CIRCUIT (Lessee : Mrs. K. W. Urquhart).— Head Office : 34, St. Enoch Square, Glasgow. Booking Manager : Miss S. Callaghan. Telephone: Central 4465. Picture House, Blantyre. Hippodrome, Hamilton. Playhouse, Hamilton. Kingsway Cinema, Kilwinning. Town Hall, Millport. LEEDS AND DISTRICT PICTURE HOUSES, LTD.— Head Office : The Lounge, North Lane, Headingley, Leeds 6. Managing Director : William E. Reed. Telephone : Headingley 524T9. Regent, Burmanlofts. The Lounge, Headingley. Crown Cinema, Leeds. LETCH WORTH PALACE, LTD. — Head Office : Palace, Letchworth. Managing Director : J. W. E. Powell. Telephone: Letchworth 53 and 721. Broadway, Letchworth. Palace, Letchworth. Royal Theatre, Rushden. Silver Cinema, Wellingborough*