Kinematograph year book (1939)

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470 The Kinematograph Year Book. Cinema Savoy, Burnley. Temperance Cinema, Burnley. Tivoli Cinema, Burnley. Super Cinema, Heaton Park. Globe, Padiham. Grand, Padiham. Bridge Cinema, Radcliffe. Coliseum Cinema, Radcliffe. Picturedrome Cinema, Radcliffe. NORTH-EAST COAST CINEMAS, LTD.Registered Office : 11, Bath Lane, Newcastleon-Tyne. Managing Director : Sol. Sheckman. Telephone : Newcastle-on-Tyne 28082-3. Empire Palace, Crook. Hippodrome, Crook. Royal Cinema, Crook. NORTHERN THEATRES 00., LTD. — Head Office : Nothcoli House, Clare Road, Halifax. Managing Director : Norman R. Booth. Film Booking Manager : Fred A. Kay. Telephone: Halifax 2512. Theatre Royal, Blackburn. Theatre Royal, Bury. Tudor Theatre, Dewsbury. Grand Picture House, Halifax. Theatre Royal, Halifax. New Hippodrome,Tudor Super Cinema, Huddersfield. Picture House, Huddersfield. Palace Tudor Super Cinema, Rochdale. Theatre Royal, Rochdale. NORTH-WESTERN FILM BOOKING AGENCY — Head Office, 70, Lime Street, Uverpeti. TeUpho ne : Royal 49 1 1 . Telegrams : Palais de Luxe, Liverpool. Aintree Palace, Aintree. Palace, Liscard. Liverpool Picturedrome, Kensington. Everton Palace, Liverpool. Palais de Luxe, Liverpool. Princess, Kirkdale, Liverpool. St. James' Picturedrome, Liverpool. Palladium, Prestatyn. Rock Ferry Palace, Rock Ferry. Embassy, Wallasey. Majestic, Wrexham. K. A. NYMANS CINEMAS. — Address : 37/38, Golden Square, London, W.I. Managing Director : K. Nyman. Telephone : Gerrard 2437. Smart's Picture Palace, Bethnal Green, E.2. Popular, Commercial Road, E.i. Imperial, Portobello Road, Notting Hill, W.n. Curzon, Brighton. ODEON THEATRES, LTD. —Head Office; 63, Temple Row, Birmingham 2. London Office : 49, Park Lane, London, W.1. Chairman and Managing Director: Oscar Deutsch. Telephones : Birmingham-Midland 2781-2800. (Private Branch Exchange) London — Mayfair 7811. Telegrams : Odeons, Birmingham. Telegrayns : Odeons, Audley, London. Odeon Theatre, Acton. Odeon Theatre, Balham. Foresters Cinema, Bethnal Green. Super Cinema, Bloomsbury. Odeon Theatre, CamberweU (Under construction) . Odeon Theatre, Canning Town (Under construction). Odeon Theatre, Chingford. Kenning Hall, Clapton. Odeon Theatre, Clapton (Under construction). Odeon Theatre, Colindale. Odeon Theatre, Dalston (Under construction). Odeon Theatre, Deptford. Pavilion Theatre, East Dulwich. Odeon Theatre, Ealing. Walpole Theatre, Ealing. Odeon Theatre, East Ham. Odeon Theatre, Edgware Road. Odeon Theatre, Elmer's End (Under construction) . Odeon Theatre, Eltham Hill. Odeon Theatre, Well Hall, Eltham. Odeon Theatre, Finchley. Odeon Theatre, Forest Gate. Odeon Theatre, Hackney Road. South Hackney Picture House, Hackney. Odeon Theatre, Harlesden. Odeon Theatre, Haverstock Hill. Odeon Theatre, Hendon (Under construction). Odeon Theatre, Islington. Odeon Theatre, Kensal Rise. Odeon Theatre, Kingsbury. Odeon Theatre, Leicester Square. Odeon Theatre, Mile End Road. Odeon Theatre, Muswell Hill. Odeon Theatre, Peckham. Odeon Theatre, Penge. Odeon Theatre, Southgate. Odeon Theatre, South Norwood. Odeon Theatre, Swiss Cottage. Odeon Theatre, Westbourne Grove (Under construction). Odeon Theatre, Wimbledon. Odeon Theatre, Woolwich. Odeon Theatre, Alfreton. Odeon Theatre, Andover. Odeon Theatre, Ashford, Kent. Odeon Theatre, Aylesbury. Odeon Theatre, Barnet. Barnet Cinema, High Barnet. Ambassadors Theatre, Barnsley. Odeon Theatre, Bath. Odeon Theatre, Bilston. Odeon Theatre, Blackheath, Birmingham. Odeon Theatre, Kingstanding, Birmingham. Odeon Theatre, Perry Bar, Birmingham. Odeon Theatre, Shirley, Birmingham. Odeon Theatre, Warley, Birmingham. Odeon Theatre, Blackpool. (Under construction) . Odeon Theatre, Bloxwich. Odeon Theatre, Bognor Regis. Odeon Theatre, Bolton. Odeon Theatre, Boston. Odeon Theatre, Boumtmouth. Odeon Theatre, Bradford (Under construction). Odeon Theatre, Brentwood (Under construction) . Odeon Theatre, Bridgwater. Odeon Theatre, Brierley Hill. Odeon Theatre, Brighton. Odeon Theatre, Kemp Town, Brighton. Palladium Theatre, Brighton. Odeon Theatre, Bristol. Ambassador, Bedminster, Bristol. Ambassador, Kingswood, Bristol. Odeon Theatre, Bromley. Odeon Theatre, Burnley. Odeon Theatre, Bury. Odeon Theatre, Bury St. Edmunds. Friars Theatre, Canterbury. Riviera Theatre, Cheetham Hill. Odeon Theatre, Chester. Odeon Theatre, Chesterfield. Odeon Theatre, Chorley. Odeon Theatre, Clacton-on-Sea. Odeon Theatre, Cleveleys. Odeon Theatre, Corby.'