Kinematograph year book (1939)

Record Details:

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Kinema Directory [Circuits). 473 SARONIES ENTERPRISES.— Chief Office : 7-8, Sasone Buildings, Church Street, Liverpool. Telephone: Royal 2013. City Picture House, Bangor. Plaza, Bangor. Scala, Prestatyn. DIXON SCOTT— Address : Hayniarkef House, Newcastle-on-Tyne. Telephone: Newcastle 23347. Haymarket Theatre, Newcastle-on-Tyne. News Theatre, Newcastle-on-Tyne. Electric Theatre, Prudhoe-on-Tyne. SCOTT THEATRES, LTD. — Head Office: 82, Brandon Street, Motherwell. Joint Secretaries : Robert Weir, C.A., and James G. S. McLees, B.L. Telephone: Motherwell 601 Pavilion, Barrhead. Pavilion, Hawick. Theatre, Hawick. Empire Theatre, Larkhall. Palaceum, Shettleston. Premier, Shettleston. SEEM AN, S. — -Address : 100, Baker Street, London, W.1. Telephone: Welbeck 0081-4. Classic, Baker Street, W. Classic, Croydon. Classic, Dalston. Classic, Hendon. Embassy, Notting Hill Gate. Classic, Sydenham. Classic, Tooting. Vogue, Tooting. Classic, Portsmouth. SHEFFIELD AND DISTRIOT CINEMATOGRAPH THEATRES, LTD. — Registered Office : 3, Hartshead, Sheffield. Telephone : Central 20888. Telegrams : Cinema, Sheffield. Globe Theatre, Atterclifle. Carlton Cinema, Sheffield. Cinema House, Sheffield Don Picture Palace, Sheffield. Electra Palace, Sheffield. SHIPMAN & KING.— Head Office : M84, Shell Mex House, Strand, London, W.C.2. TeUphojxc : Temple Bar 5077-8. Regent, Amersham. Court Theatre, Berkhamsted. Rex, Berkhamsted. Studio Cinema, Bletchley. Central Cinema, Braintree. Embassy, Braintree. Astoria, Chesham. Embassy, Chesham. Embassy, Petts Wood, Chislehurst. Savoy, Cobham. Embassy, Crawley. Regent, Crowborough. New Coronet, Didcot. Embassy, Dorking. Studio Cinema, Elstree. Embassy, Esher. Embassy, Fareham. Savoy, Fareham. Embassy, Hailsham. (Under construction). Pavilion, Hailsham. Castle, Hertford. County, Hertford. Pavilion, Hoddesdon. Pavilion, Horley. Regent, Horley. Exchange Theatre, Leighton Buzzard. Oriel Cinema, Leighton Buzzard. Embassy, Maldon. Hippodrome, Maldon. Rex, Northwood Hills. Hippodrome, Reigate. Majestic, Reigate. Astoria, Ruishp. Rivoli, Ruislip. Regent, Rye. Cinema, Tenterden. Embassy, Tenterden. Embassy, Waltham Cross Regent, Waltham Cross. Welwyn Theatre, Welwyn Garden Cit y. SINGLETON CINEMAS, LTD.— Head Office : 3 , Kirkpatrick Street, Glasgow. Telephone : Bridgeton 1111. Premier Pictures, Bridgeton, Glasgow. Boulevard Cinema, Knightswood, Glasgow. Vogue Cinema, Go van. Plaza, Burn bank, Hamilton. Also in Association : — R. V. Singleton : Scottish Repertory Cinemas, Ltd. Cosmo Cinema, Glasgow. ERNEST E. SMITH.— Address : Merlewood, Pinegrove Road, Bishop's Stortford. Telephone : Bishop's Stortford 653. Phoenix, Bishop's Stortford. Regent, Bishop's Stortford. Cinema, Sawbridgeworth. S.M. SUPER CINEMAS, LTD. AND ASSOCIATED COMPANIES. — Offices : 37/38, Golden Square, London, W.1. Telephone : Gerrard 4556-7. Managing Director : W. Southan Morris. Astoria, Tooting, S.W. Avenue, Birkenhead. Coliseum, Birkenhead. Empire, Birkenhead. Lyceum, Birkenhead. New Mayfair, Birkenhead. Palladium, Birkenhead. Picture House, Birkenhead. Regal, Birkenhead. Rex, Birkenhead. Ritz, Birkenhead. Luxor, Hemel Hempstead. Atlas, Liverpool. Carlton, Liverpool. Coliseum, Liverpool. Garrick, Liverpool. Grosvenor, Liverpool. Homer, Liverpool. King's, Liverpool. Picture House, Liverpool. Princes, Liverpool. Royal, Liverpool. Victoria, Liverpool Picturedrome, Luton. Plaza, Luton. Luxor, Leagrave, Luton. Winter Gardens, New Brighton. New State, Wallasey. Regent, Warrington. GEORGE SMART.— Head Office : 80, King Edward's Road, Hackney, E.9. General Manager : George Smart. Telephone: Amhurst 2911 and 1631. Imperial Cinema, Barking Road, Canning Town, E.16. Grand Central, Hackney, E.8. Tolmer's Cinema, Tolmer's Square, Hampstead Road, N.W.i.