Lubin Bulletin (August 29, 1914)

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THE LUBIN BULLETIN LUBIN FILMS TWO REEL FEA TURE Written by ROMAINE FIELDING L MOREZ, a dreamer, while transferring a scene of God’s / \ handiwork to his canvas hears a shrill cry, he turns and X. ^ sees a young girl falling from the rocks. He gives her aid, and a friendship is born that later is sealed by love. The dreamer’s brother, Eben, comes home upon a vacation and like a snake brings darkness into the peaceful Eden, crushing happiness into a distorted thing. He takes Al’s sweet- heart and weds her. A child is born. The old father of the boys, thinking he is about to pass over the Great Divide, gives all of his estate to Eben, who, despising the dreamer, throws him out upon the world. Five years later A1 is working in the pottery, and the elder brother living on the riotous road of the neuveritch, mixing with companions whose deeds have sped many to perdition. He becomes hysterical with his environments, places his father in an asylum that he may have a free hand, then leaves his wife and child. The dreamer hears of this through a staunch servant and goes to his old sweetheart whom the doctor pronounces to be near death. He then goes in search of his brother and finds him in the midst of a reckless throng. Tearing him away by physical force he drags him home to the bedridden wife. The dreamer then wanders beside the brook where in the early days he and Aida spoke their words of love. He removes the vines that have grown around a stick that his sweetheart had planted, then breaking it apart lets it float down the stream of destiny, as he offers a prayer to the Supreme Master. Al Morez—the Dreamer Aida—his sweetheart Eben—his brother Romaine Fielding Josie Sedgwick Mansfield Ardis . Harry Kenneth Robin Williamson Master James Ardis The Father The Butler The Child Released Wednesday, August 19, 1914. Length about 2,000 feet