Lubin Bulletin (August 29, 1914)

Record Details:

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THE LUBIN BULLETIN LUBIN FILMS BBBfiiBBBgBPP aHgiBiPBiHeBgaengmaaeagBiaeBaganoaopjBBiaB BACK TO THE FARM Written by WILL LOUIS mm IOM and Bob write Auntie that they want to pay her a visit in town. Auntie writes them to come ahead, though she does not expect to be at home. She tells them to come up two flights and look under the doormat for the key. The boys are a bit stupid and come up only one flight to find the key of Mr. and Mrs. Cassett, who use the same hiding place for their key. There is a dinner on the table and the boys bless Auntie’s thoughtfulness, and eat it up, then go to bed. Tom kicks Bob out of bed and Bob is too sleepy to climb back again, so he rolls under and goes to sleep again. Mr. Cassett and is surprised to find a man in his bed. He draws his revolver and chases Tom out of the house. The noise wakens Bob, wls into bed to be found by Mrs. Cassett. She takes a gun from the bureau drawer and shoots Bob up. Both husband and ■ arrested for assault. The boys make their escape and try to enter the house by the window, but once more they have to 'ullets and are placed under arrest. Auntie arrives and explains, but the boys decide that the farm is less trying on their nerves. CAST Tom . . Babe Hardy Mrs. Cassett . . . Mabel Paige Bob .... Herbert Tracy Auntie .... Eloise Willard Mr. Cassett . . Roy Byron Released Tuesday, August 18, 1914. Length about 1,000 feet