Lubin Bulletin (August 29, 1914)

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THE LUBIN BULLETIN LUBIN FILMS TWO REEL FEATURE Written by WILLIAM H. LIPPERT D R. KENNETH MEYERS and his brother Gerald, an artist, are both in love with Ethel Wilson. The young lady, however, favors the artist and they are engaged to be married. Gerald’s studio companion, Tyson Brooks, is an erratic fellow and one day in a quarrel and struggle Brooks kills himself. Gerald, fearing that he will be accused flees to New York and takes a temporary lodging. The house burns down and Gerald is supposed to have been killed, but he escapes and takes a ship to San Francisco. Ethel, believing her fiance to be dead, becomes engaged to Kenneth and three months later Gerald, reading of the coming wedding of his brother and that the verdict over Brooks was admitted to be suicide, returns to test Ethel and see if she really loves his brother. He witnesses an ardent love scene and the sight of it causes him to collapse. He is hurried to the hospital and Kenneth is called to examine the blood of tfie patient, who is supposed to be a tramp. Something in the appear- ance of the blood seems familiar and he recognizes it as being like his own. The doctor goes to the ward and there finds the tramp to be his brother. Gerald developes typhoid fever, but battling bravely Kenneth saves his life and restores him to his fiancee. He reaps reward by the discovery that heredity can be traced by the blood. CAST Dr. Kenneth Meyers Gerald Meyers Ormi Hawley Richard Morris Released Thursday, August 20, 1914. Length about