Lubin Bulletin (August 29, 1914)

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THE LUBIN BULLETIN LUBIN FILMS THE LOVE OF ORO SAN Written by WILL M. RITCHEY <«\ m Released Friday, August 21, 1914. Length about 1,000 ffeet. T HE U. S. S. South Dakota puts in at the little Japanese port of Kobo. Lieutenant Roy Leeds takes a stroll through the town. Oro San, a little Jap- anese girl, much confined in the garden of her father’s mansion, desires to see the outside world and in a mischievous moment passes through the gate, meets the U. S. Lieutenant and both become interested. Many times they meet and eventually fall deeply in love. Hioto, Oro San’s father, commands her to marry Iwata, a Japanese officer, but the girl rebels and hiding herself aboard the ship’s launch is carried to the cruiser. Leeds is astonished and picking her up in his arms places her back on the launch and carries her back to her home, before her absence has been dis- covered. Iwata discovers the at- tachment and plots to have Leeds assassinated. With two cut- throats he goes to the garden and meets Oro San. He tells that to save her lover’s life she must tell him that she does not love him. She meets Leeds and to save him agrees to marry Iwata, and orders the Lieutenant to leave her. That night the cruiser leaves the port and Oro San watches the ship that will carry away her love and life, as Leeds, broken hearted, looks back on Kobo. CAST Lieutenant Roy Leeds — TJ. S. N. . Tom Forman Captain Iwata—Japanese Army Raymond Gallagher Hioto—wealthy Japanese George G. Stanley Oro San—his daughter Velma Whitman