Lubin Bulletin (August 29, 1914)

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THE LUBIN BULLETIN 3Mjfl LUBIN FILMS Sometimes It Works Written by EPES W. SARGENT S AM SPRAGUE loves Maude Malcolm, but Maude has quite a bit of temper. She and Sam have one of their usual scraps and Iza Ingham suggests to him that by making love to her he will get Maude jealous. It works perfectly and it is all Maude can do to keep her brother Tom from trying to thrash Sam though he is only a midget. Then brother Bill comes from the West. Sam has forgotten all about Bill and when over the phone Maude tells him her brother is coming to thrash him, Sam figures that he can blow Tom out of the window. When Bill enters, Sam iprinkles him with the contents of a siphon. After a while Bill brings out Sam’s remains and asks Maude if she wants them. Maude turns cn Bill and tries to beat him up. Then turns her attention to poor Sam. Iza appears on the scene and it turns out well for explanations develop the fact that Bill is engaged to Iza. The two couples , bill and coo” and Tom decides that he is in the way. CAST Sam Sprague . . Raymond McKee Maude Malcolm Frances Ne Moyer Bill—her brother from the West William Hopkins Tom—her dwarf brother . Count Salem Iza Ingham . . Marguerite Ne Moyer Making Auntie Welcome Written by EPES W. SARGENT J ACK and Grace get word that Auntie is coming to make them a long visit. Jack decides that the best way to get rid of her is to play crazy. He practices on his wife with such excellent acting that the maid decides that he is trying to kill her and runs for the police. Then Aunt comes and Jack chases her so far up the street he thinks she will never come back. Meantime Mrs. Smith thinks her baby is sick and comes for Grace. Grace goes with her to see the child and when the police: arrest Jack it is decided that he has killed his wife and hidden the body. They find the Auut waiting on the steps of the police station aud when they tell her about the murder she ta'ces it out on the helpless Jack until Grace gets b ick and comes to his rescue. It was a great Little scheme, but it worked so well that Jack begs, the policeman to kick him. Split Reel, Released Saturday , August 22,1914. “Sometimes It Works.” Length about 400 feet. “Making Auntie Welcome.” Length about 600 feet. Jack Grace . Grocery Boy Chief of Police The Aunt Vincent Del } ascale Virginia Capen Babe. Hardy Raymond. McKee ■ . Siva Bell