MGM Studio News (December 3, 1938)

Record Details:

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Burn the midnight oil ^with a towel stuffed under the door so the landlady wood squawk about the light bill) read "Juliet" as well as Honda Shearer- Keep right on thinking hash is .as' delicious as lilef -mignon—even II it is so easy 'to smile back at the gent across the subway car. _ Learn the trick o! crying yourself to sleep when -that emptiness deep down inside gets too much tor a gir! to bear awake. Spend troth six months to six years making the rounds ol the booking offices—when there's a swell Job waiting at Tonis lor a gir! wholl Just look nice lor the cash customers. Laugh a little—cry a little—break your heart, a little— that Is* a little at a time so that finally one more little crack won't hurt much at all. AT 1MT Wll AM. ACTRESS! Perhaps Tomorrows of course, you started out with the spark breast of 0M1S IM TIM MILLION SI YOU TOO CAN BE A GREAT ACTRESS! Have'the hear! to laugh it. oil when you first realise that you're still m Thespian kindergarten alter six months spent learning the right way to .walk across a room.: ■ ’ - BERNHARDT! A DUSE! A RAINER! -i-jetei all um have Haye the luck to be born with the beauty ol a Myrna . Ley, the courage of loan of Arc- and the- endurance ol a irackhorse. , yd * Spend fen hour;'a day at Dramatic School, .earning ; "P'J lessons that would stump a .avanf and performing 7 exercises that would break an acrobat's neck. Livh what should be the gay years of your youth in a back-street rooming-house doing your laundry in the , , fimmtmiiu s«asIi n ~ <-,%shstzrt *jr in r-S'n fiord 4 h?- SOeO, / .._