Modern Screen (Dec 1935 - Nov 1936)

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MODERN SCREEN doesn't mope or whine. She doesn't believe in dramatics, or in being morbid. And she hates the sight of a long sufferingappearance. Nor does she try to laugh it all ofif, for it is a serious thing to her. The discovery that her marriage was a failure made Joan very unhappy. But it didn't whip her, for with the realization that her dream of happiness was over came the knowledge that she would have to pull herself together. The simple and unpretentious way in which she did this may be a recipe of great value to someone else who is facing unhappiness. "If you have something hard to take," says Joan, "instead of thinking it's the end of the world and settling down to let it eat your heart out, make up your mind to snap out of it. Instead of sufTering in silence, do something to take your mind off it. I would look about until I saw something pleasant to rest my eyes upon. Perhaps it would be a painting, a beautiful scenic view, or best of all, my baby. "After centering my mind on something pleasant, and building more pleasant thoughts around it, the unpleasant memories and worries would disappear. So, little by little, the tension and the gripping unhappiness let go. "I discovered that a number of pleasant little things will finally overcome one unpleasant big thing." And these are the reasons for the remarkable change in Joan Blondell. Dorothy Lee, as a jazzy Annie Oakley, dances with Johnny Arledge at Grace Bradley's Born Dance. These kids seem to be enjoying the fun. -till the right powder^ ^l/M^ changed her into a^//^ 'ON'T you often find yourself being called a blonde by some — "not a blonde" by others? This girl, too . . . Her hair still has some of its baby blondeness. Her skin is very fair. Yet, with the powder she used, she looked mousy, dim — a plain in-between. The Color Analyst told her to try a blonde's pet shade — Pond's Natural. It made her over! Her skin brightened with a delicate flush, a luminous look. She, herself, said: "Pond's Natural lights up my skin so much that even my hair and eyes have more of that txue-blonde sparkle!" New shades add life What Natural does for near-blondes — one of the other Pond's shades will do for you. They all add life to the skin. A new discovery made this possible. With an optical machine (see small picture above) Pond's color-analyzed over 200 girls' skin — all types. They saw what Nature uses to bring beauty. Actual tints hidden in the skin itselfl Take a blonde skin, for instance. A hidden tint of bright blue gives it that dazzling transparency. While a creamy skin gets its glowing enchantment from a hidden note of brilliant green! Now Pond's has invisibly blended these beauty tints into new, different shades of powder. Thus, you can powder Over 200 girls' skin color-analyzed to find hidden beauty tints — now blended invisibly in Pond's new powder shades! "life" into your skin! Dull skins, pale skins, sallow and florid — each gets the very tint it needs from one of these . . . NATURAL brings a fine transparency ROSE CREAM brings a brighter radiance BRUNETTE brings soft, creamy clarity ROSE BRUNETTE brings a warm glow LIGHT CREAM brings a pearly tone Pond's Powder spreads evenly, clings. Glass jars show shades, keep the perfume. Prices reduced — 35^ and 70)i. Boxes, lOfS and 20ff, increased in size. r (This . 5 Lively New Shades Mail coupon today (This offer expires May i, 1936) POND'S, Dept. C94, Clinton, Conn. Please rush, free, 5 different shades of Pond's new Powder, enough of each for a thorough 5-day test. Name_ Street. City _State_ Copyright. 1936. Pond's Extract Company 75