Modern Screen (Dec 1935 - Nov 1936)

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Eleven years are very long years when one is very young, and they sink deep. "The other — ah — jilting," said Randy, this time with an amused smile, "happened after I came to Hollywood. And the lady was very different from the girl back home. She was dark. She was vivid. She was beautiful. She was very modern. She had been twice married and twice widowed. Perhaps she was afraid. Perhaps she did not love me enough. Whatever the reason, whatever her motive, she decided, at the last moment, that she had rather not. . . . THE first time," said the tall Southerner, who has played so many Westerners, "the first time I loved with my heart, all of it. The second time with my emotions. And the third, and last time, I shall love with my head. "I am looking, now, for very definite qualifications. I mean, I believe that marriage should have a basis, that one should say, T want such and such from marriage.' It sounds very much like a vital statistic — an 'Intention To Wed' with a detailed list of requirements. "My standard has nothing to do with physical qualifications. I have no picture of an ideal girl which I carry around in my mind's eye. I'm sure that I would not recognize the future Mrs. Scott if she stood before me at this moment. For I don't care particularly, what she looks like. I have no preference for either a blonde or a brunette. I don't care how old she is, or how tall, or even," Randy laughed, "how fat ! "I do care what she is like inside. She must not be an actress. I will not marry a professional. Not, at any rate, one occupied in screen work. "She must be domestic enough to want to supervise my home with competence and dignity and charm. Because I want a home — with the linens kept in lavender and the silverware shining and the floors waxed and the table bountiful. I do not want a hotel where people I barely know 'drop in' for drinks. "She must be a woman who wants motherhood. Because I want children. I want a family. And I want a woman who will mother that family and not turn our children over to nursemaids. "She must be a woman for whom I can feel a profound respect. Such a respect, I hope, as she will be able to feel for me. I have seen enough marriages where both parties have fallen off their pedestals, and the shattered pieces, for some weird reason, remain together. With horrid results. "If anyone should ask me what I think is the most absolutely necessary ingredient in love and marriage I should say, mutual respect. "Which brings me back to what I said a few minutes ago — that watching many of the Hollywood marriages has kept me from erring on more than one occasion. "Not that I am often tempted. I'm not. I'm not easily attracted to women. I don't believe that I could fall in love at first sight. I'm not emotionally impulsive. "And the very nature of my work is my safety-valve. For, after all, the very basis of our work in pictures is sex. We make love to the most beautiful women in the world in every picture we make. And while it would be gross exaggeration to say that I fall in love with every lovely lady I'm cast opposite, it would also be grossly untrue to say that there is no emotional element between us. Of course, I feel attracted while we are working together. Of course, I feel an emotional appeal. And the result is that I get rid of a great deal of surface emotionalism that would, otherwise, be pent up inside of me. "Since it is a part of my day's work to make love to pretty girls I am some 78