Modern Screen (Dec 1935 - Nov 1936)

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MODERN SCREEN Farmer Frank Albertson and his wife step out to neighbor Grace Bradley's for her big hay-de-ho party! what immunized. I am not so likely to be carried away by a pretty face after working hours. I am not like the chap in an office who may see one or two beautiful girls in the course of a week's work, may have a personable secretary and being thus curtailed, emotionally, he falls madly in love the first time a fair charmer trips across his line of vision. "Then, too, the nature of my work teaches me how superficial sex attraction can be. A momentary thing. Gone, as some sun-breathing flowers are gone, with the setting of the sun. I have learned, through my work, that I must look for something more than mere sex attraction when I decide to marry. There must be something between my wife-to-be and myself which will develop and strengthen and mature. "And so," the tall young Virginian said, rising and walking to the window and back again, "I am going to be married with the hope, the profound hope of staying married. My head rules my heart now. And I am hoping that my head will dictate wisely for me and for — for her, wherever she may be, whoever she may be. But if I make a mistake — as anyone may — then I should, of course, divorce. For if there is one thing in the world more important than any other it is harmony. "I am going to be married — and it is my prayer that our marriage will be a true one, housed by the four walls of a home, made substantial by the rearing and raising of children, made holy by time and respect and love and faith." Would you punish a child for this? SHOULD A CHILD be Spanked when he refuses to take a laxative he hates.'' Millions of mothers say: "NO!" They believe in working with the child — not against him. So when their children need a laxative they use one all youngsters love to take — Fletcher s Castoria ! Fletcher's Castoria has no strong, purging drugs. It won't form a habit — and it will never cause griping pains. Your druggist sells Fletcher's Castoria. Get the thrifty Family-Size Bottle tonight. The signature Chas. H. Fletcher appears on every carton. Do yon knoic that even the taste of Fletcher's Castoria is made especially for children.'' It's one laxative they take without struggling. And thafs mighty important. For the gagging a child undergoes when forced to take a bad-tasting laxative can seriou.sly upset his digestion. CASTORIA The Children's Laxative 1 But good taste is only one reason why you should rely on Fletcher's Castoria. Another reason is . . . Fletcher's Castoria is SAFE, gentle — yet thorough. Unlike some "grown-up" laxatives, from babyhood to 11 years 79