Modern Screen (Dec 1937 - Nov 1938)

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MODERN SCREEN Worse than BODY ODOR RO. The worst body odor comes from P. O. — • perspiration odor under the arms. Talie 1 minute to use Todora — new, amazing deodorant cream that works directly on underarm excretions. Normally stops odor 1 to 3 days. Todora also reduces amount of perspiration. Todora is made differently. It actually has a cosmetic base. That is why it is (1) soft — smooth as your face cream; (2) not sticky — extremely easy to apply; (3) has a clean delicate fragrance. 250 — 60*. Get it today — money back if not delighted. Trial size FREE. Send coupon. YODORA ■ DEODORANT CREAM ■ FREE! Send coupon for trial size to McKesson & Bobbins, Fairfield, Conn. Dept. M-2. 45TH YEAR— Drama, Dance, Vocal lor ACLing, Teaching, Directing. 3 in 1 Course-Radio. Stage, Screen. Graduates: Lee Tracy, Fred Astaire, Una Merkel, etc. Student Stocli Theatre Appearances while leai-ning. Apply Sec'y, Teller, 66 W. 85th St.. N. Y. when corns go RoofandAli No MORE painful corns! No more dangerousold-fashionedparing.that only affects the surface of a corn, leaves the root to come back bigger and more painful than ever! Now it s easy to remove corns quickly — safely — root and all! The new double-action Blue-Jay method ends pain by removing pressure, then in a few days the corn lifts out root and all (exceptionally stubborn cases may require a second application). Blue-Jay is a tiny medicated plaster. Easy to use. Safe — quick-acting — painless. 2 5^ for a package of 6. Same price in Canada. At all drug and department stores. BLUE-JAY CORN PLASTERS •A plug of dead cells root-like In form and position. II lelt may serve a3 local point lor renewed development. Cast your vote and boost your favorite player JACKIE COOPER: Sixteen years okl, and now nearly six feet tall, this young veteran is still a favorite after eleven years in pictures. Born in Los Angeles, Cal., September 15, 1922, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles .J. Bigelow, and nephew of the famous director Norman Taurog, Jackie entered pictures at the ripe old age of five. At eight he became a star in "Skippy," and the biggest hit of his entire career was with Wallace Beery in "The Champ." Jackie is now a student at Beverly Hills High School, when he isn't working. He has grown up to be poised, quiet almost to the point of shyness, and a very likable young fellow. Jackie loves swimming, football, dancing and driving. He also enjoys boxing and tennis. He is a swing enthusiast, and the proud owner of an elaborate set of traps and drums on which he delights to accompany phonograph records of leading swing orchestras. He does not, however, like to sing. He is very fond of dogs. But more than anything else Jackie Cooper loves to act. He guesses it's just "in his blood." and he hopes he can act for many years to come. He modestly avers he wouldn't make such a tine matinee idol, but he'd like to be a good character actor. If he couldn't be that he'd want to be a director or a movie photographer. Jackie has curly blonde hair and blue eyes. His next picture will be "That Certain Age" with Deanna Durbin. After that he will Make "Gangster's Boy" and "Streets of Xew York." Ton can address him in care of Monogram Studios, Hollywood, Cal. ERBOL FLYNN: Here is one actor who is as handsome, dashing and daring off screen as he is on. A direct descendant of Fletcher Christian, who led the famous mutiny on the Bounty, Errol Flynn was born in the north of old Ireland on June 20, 1000, His father was a professor of biology at Queen's University in Belfast, later at Cambridge. Errol was educated In Paris and London, and was an Olympic boxing contestant in 1928. He has traveled on every continent, speaks many language.';, including Chinese and several native South Sea dialects. He has fished for pearls in Tahiti and prospected for gold in New Guinea. He once owned and sailed a coast-wise schooner on an inter-island freight service, and he ended up in movies quite by accident. Errol was pearl-flshiug off Tahiti when an English movie compauy came upon him and offered him a role in "Mutiny cm the Bounty." He accepted and the experience so intrigued him that he decided to go on the stage and make a career of acting. It was while he was playing in London that an American motion jiicture executive saw him and signed him to a Hollywood contract. On the boat coming to America he met the fascinating Lili Damita whom he later married. Errol calls her Damita. and she calls him Flynn. His definite ambition now is to succeed in American movies, and by all indications he certainly is realizing his ambition. Errol Flynn's favorite outdoor diversion is sailing. He also swims, rides and plays tennis. He has ambitious literary tendencies too, has now written several books, plays, short stories and even verse. He is an avid editorial reader, and often writes "letters to the editor." Also an excellent cook. Errol sometimes treats his friends to delicious home-cooked meals. Errol Flynn doesn't like alarm clocks, spiders, or weddings (except his own), but he does like thunder storms, and the sound of wind and rain. He lives In a modest home. There is one room, his den, that no one else — not even his wife — is allowed to enter without permission. Errol is six feet two Inches tall, weighs one hundred eighty pounds, has brown hair and brown eyes. His last two pictures were "Robin Hood" and "Four's a Crowd." His next will be "The Sisters." You can reach him in care of Warner Bros. Studio, Burbank, Cal. HUNDREDS OF ADDRESSES FOR A STAMPED ENVELOPE! Want to know your favorite player's address? In fact, would you like to have a complete list of all the Hollywood stars' mailing addresses? It's yours for the asking. So many of you have written to this department wanting to know where to write this one or that one for an autographed picture, or perhaps you just want to write a fan letter, that we've compiled a complete list for you, naming the players alphabetically, according to their studio, and giving their complete mailing addresses. They are all there, even the featured players, printed in such a compact form that you'll be able to keep the list in your movie scrap book for reference whenever you want it. To receive one of these lists, all you have to do is write to us and ask for it, enclosing a large self-addressed and stamped envelope. Don't forget that lost item, as no request can be complied with unless we receive your stamped and addressed envelope. Send your requests to the Information Desk, Modern Screen, 149 Madison Avenue, New York, N. Y. 86