Modern Screen (Dec 1937 - Nov 1938)

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MODERN SCREEN A Big Bottle ^ Costs Little, WON BY A H EAD (Of Attractive Hair) IN BUSINESS or social affairs, winning success depends a great deal on appearance. Tfiat's why it's good business to keep a bottle of Lucky Tiger ban dy. Lucky Tiger eliminates clinging dandruff. No more "snowy" coat collars. It checks excessive falling hair and relieves that miserable itching— and it adds beauty to any head of hair. You can keep your hair young-looking by using Lucky Tiger two or three times weekly. Costs little at good druggists, barber shops and 10«! stores. HAIR TOMIC MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE Included of extra charge Your choice of Man's or Lady's Wrist Watch FREE of extra charge with every Ring ordered during this SALE and paid for on our easy monthly plan. Lady's or Man's Ring, with simulated diamond that you'd think cost many times the price. Nothingextraforthe watch. It's included FREE. Ladies' 1939 dainty model. Men's "Shockproof" A military wrist watch— ^ eold plate front — with 0 all the color and charm of natural yellow gold; 9 Jeweled: Guarantee by ^ $1,000,000 FACTORY V enclosed. Send NO ^ Money, make only two W monthly 12 payments (tot ^ al $4) . WE TRUST YOU — • 5;our_ j)ackaKe comes AT ^ GOLD STANDARD WATCH CO. Dept. 329-B, Newton. 'iVIass. Rush offer by RETURN MAIL— ail postage paid to my door. □ Ladies' Model □ Men's Model NAME, ONCE by Return SOFT, tcndeh gums? YES i CAN HELP YOU BUT YOU MUST 1>0 YOUR JOB,rOOf X START NOW to coop erate with your dentist at home. Massage your gums twice every day with Forhan's. Forhan's Does Both Jobs CLEANS TEETH • AIDS GUMS Dentists know that when gums are healthy, your teeth will be BRIGHTER — noticeably more attractive. Use Forhan's gum massage regularly. Forhan's Toothpaste is different — because it contains a special ingredient for your gums. sat down to write it, then stopped and said, 'Who shall I autograph it to?' I said, 'To Olympe Bradna' and we had a big laugh. But, I got the picture ! "He has a very nice wife, Jeanette MacDonald, and every week on the day they were married he gives her an anniversary present. She must be an awful expensive wife to get a present every week ! Gene says that after this time, he's going to do it only once a year." Olympe Bradna's career is jn Hollywood. These appearances throughout the country have shown her boss just what a puller this young Miss is at the box office. And, Olympe's enjoying every minute of it, too, from the time she met Mrs. Roosevelt to that memorable occasion when a cocktail party was given in her very own honor at the famous Waldorf. "You know the funniest thing happened," exclaimed Olympe. "They gave a party for m'e in the Blue Room. We sat and sat, but no one arrived. Finally, they said I could go for a walk till they arrived. Over here you're not supposed to be on time to your own party. We came back and still no one had come in, so out we went for another walk to Fifth Avenue this time. I was glad because I saw some more of New York. Anyway, when I got back the second time we discovered ■there were two Blue Rooms and everyone had been waiting in the one downstairs, finally leaving. Only a few — about four or five — had found out and come up. I didn't mind and we had lots of fun. Ernst Lubitch was there and I drank so much orange juice I nearly turned into a grove." Just then the press agent from her studio arrived. "Olympe, we have to hurry ! You know, they have a photographer waiting to take pictures of you," and so the French lass departed. HE'D RATHER RE HIMSELF (Continued from page 42) His awareness came about, it seems, when a lady columnist unfeelingly dubbed him "Richard Dimples Greene." Made him sensitive, that's what it did. And let him in for no end of ragging at the studio. Poor Greene was "dimpled" all over the lot. But he took it like a good sport — and there's none better than the English brand. "It hadn't occurred to me that I looked at all like Power," said the two-faced truth-teller. "Met him the other day, and ' had a drink with him. Fine chap. Saw Taylor at the Trocadero one night, though I wasn't introduced to him. Just as well. I daresay it might have embarrassed him. I know I'd have felt a bit silly.'' It was only natural to think his must be an embarrassment of riches. But he went on quite irrelevantly, or not, as you please, "But I did meet Barbara Stanwyck in the wardrobe department the other day, and she is a delightful person." HE and Taylor both are of one mind in this respect, at least. But Mr. Greene's own true love, let it be known, is the American automobile. He's quite mad about it. In his romantic bursts of speed anything less than eighty miles an hour means merely idling along the primrose path. Meanwhile the studio has picked one of its fairest flowers for him to wear upon his arm of nights in the sweet uses of advertisement. Yes, the old familiar publicity gag. Not that he isn't capable of picking his own, for no girl is apt to keep Richard Greene on the cold side of her door. "The night spots here," he glowed, "are the most attractive I've ever seen. Gorgeous ! I suppose it's the exotic tropical influence. There are so many foreign influences at work that their effect is seductive. Yet Hollywood as a whole is amazingly moral. I didn't realize that the movie citadel could possibly be so completely and uninterestingly respectable." Shades of Victoria! There spoke the wisdom of age in the voice of youth. On the sunny side of twenty-four, Mr. Greene was, of all things, a philosopher of morals. Was it that, after New York, he had found Hollywood wanting? "I had no means of judging New York morally," he was frank to say, "as I was there only two hours. I felt like a real hick. The studio gentleman who met me at the dock semed to think I'd never been in a big city before. He held me on a corner explaining the traffic lights, which I perfectly understood, then shepherded me across the street like a small child. It was good of him, but not necessary. From what little I saw of it New York was exactly as I'd imagined — crowds, noise, and skyscrapers. I got a crick in my neck looking up at them. Everything looked just as I'd seen it on the screen at home. But Hollywood wasn't at all as I'd expected. I had pictured it as the movie capital of the world, with actors in makeup rushing through the streets, and glamor hitting you in the eye at every turn. But to my surprise and disappointment it turned out to be a most orderly and well-behaved suburban city. "But my ambition as an adventurer was realized when I saw my first palm tree. It made me feel really traveled. And the thing that impressed me most of all was the desert — lonely yet beautiful." It crossed my vagrant mind that the impressionable stranger might have found Hollywood girls likewise beautiful, though not so lonely. "I suppose," he reflected, "there are more pretty girls here than anywhere else in the world, and when lovely they are really lovelier. But I can't stand a dull girl, no matter how beautiful she may be. I like a girl I can talk to, and you can't talk to a face, can you? When it comes to that, you can't talk to an English girl at all unless you know her really well. It's far easier to get on with an American girl. Her naivete is very . appealing. This is especially true in the daytime. That's because she looks best in tailored things — no one else can wear them so well. Then, too, the American girl seems to have such a good figure." Seems ! No matter. He was saying, "Knowing American slang has helped me enormously in getting on with the girls here. I'd heard so much of it in American films at home that it really wasn't new. The only thing that bothered me was my English accent. I was afraid it would be laughed at. But I've already got rid of most of it, wouldn't you say?" I would, and did, to his evident relief. "I don't mean the affected English accent. No good actor has that. My family never had, and it represents three generations of English actors. "My first ambition was to be a veterinary, as I'm very fond of animals. But, somehow, I went the way of the rest of the family. What's really strange is that I'm now in Hollywood. I'd done practically nothing but crowd work in English pictures and only repertory work in the provinces until they put me on the London 90