Modern Screen (Jan-Nov 1940)

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THIS HAND LOTION is ACCEPTED AMERICAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION'S COMMITTEE ON ADVERTISING OF E Try this Famous CANADIANBORN Chapped-Skin Lotion Many well-known dermatologists recommend a lotion that not only softens your skin but also helps protect it against outside irritants. Italian Balm gives both benefits — (1) Softens the skin, and (2) protects it too. In addition, it's accepted by the Advisory Committee on Advertising of Cosmetics of the American Medical Association — time tried and proved through dozens of cold winters in Canada, where Italian Balm originated in 1881. Long-lasting bottles at 100, 35p, 606 and $1.00. WOOLLY WONDERS No. 1583. This one's "City Slicker." It's the smart torso length and features a bloused back and pad'ded shoulders. No. 1587. We call this the "Knit-Wit" 'cause it's a sweater with a sense of humor. It looks like a cardigan, but it's a slip-on! It's all very well to keep warm these autumn days — but there's no reason to look grim about it! Keep cozy and beautiful in either of these two loves. Both are eye-catchingly different, but easy as ABC to make. We consider the slip-on a campus "gotta have," and the cardigan is smart enough for town. Even a sweater wardrobe of Lana Turner-ish proportions isn't complete without 'em. It's still a bit soon for that Santa Claus mood to hit you, but they do make stunning gifts, and it's a wise girl who does her Christmas knitting early! Send in the coupon below with a stamped, self-addressed envelope. The instructions are yours absolutely free. ANN WILLS. Modern Screen 149 Madison Ave., New York, N. Y. Kindly send, at no cost to me: Directions for No. 1583 Directions for No. 1587 I enclose a stamped, self-addressed (large* envelope Name Street '„ City State 76 MODERN SCREEN