Modern Screen (Jan-Nov 1956)

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Ida Lupino tells: HOW TO BRING UP A CHILD PRODIGY ■ "I'm afraid our three-and-a-halfyear-old Bridget has dramatic tendencies. She wants to act. In some children it might be too soon to tell, but not for Bridget. She was furious about not getting a part in The Intruder, because I play a woman with two children in it. 'Why do you have to use -make-believe,' she kept complaining, 'when I am your child?' And it was hard to find an answer! "Bridget goes to nursery school, and one day the teacher asked her how she felt. 'Terrible.' my daughter said. 'My feet are killing me right up to mv eyebrows. I've had such a day under those hot lights!' "Then one day I came home and found her in front of a mirror, impersonating Howard Duff! That wouldn't be so bad, but she was complaining about Ida Lupino using the phone so much! "I guess v e should have seen it coming. Howard has a way of snapping his thumbs when he wants to emphasize something, and when Bridget was a year old she was snapping her thumbs in the nursery. And there's not a television commercial she doesn't know — and she lets you know she knows them! "Anyway, ever since she got turned down on The Intruders, she's been harping on a TV series Howard and I are planning — Mr. Adam And Eve. She wants to play our daughter. We've finally decided that although it's supposed to be autobiographical, we're not going to have any children in it! If we did, Bridget would worm her way in. Nothing doing! I want her to grow up like a little girl, with proper schooling and a normal life. We don't repress her, but there's still plenty of time for her to make up her mind. "After all — maybe she's not a prodigy. Maybe it's just ham!" "Yes, I use Lustre-Creme Shampoo," says Dana Wynter. It's the favorite of 4 out of 5 top Hollywood movie stars! It never dries your hair! LustreCreme Shampoo is blessed with lanolin . . . foams into rich lather, even in hardest water . . . leaves hair so easy to manage. It beautifies! For soft, bright, fragrantly clean hair — without special after-rinses — choose the shampoo of America's most glamorous women. Use the favorite of Hollywood movie stars — Lustre-Creme Shampoo. ^&umIsJm/s^z Lustre Creme Shampoo ,st„rinSi»"THE SIXTH OF JUNE" ^ A 20th Century-Fox Production. In CinemaScope. Color by Deluxe.