Modern Screen (Jan-Nov 1956)

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what people mistake for shyness is merely Susan withdrawn, watching out of the corner of her eye, sopping up "atmosphere" for her next role. I caught her doing this one night at the Cocoanut Grove, when I took her to the Hollywood Foreign Correspondents' dinner. There were four Of us at our table: Grace Kelly and her escort from M-G-M, Morgan Hudgins, and Susan and myself. There were so many flashbulbs popping that the four of us were almost blinded. Most of them, of course, were for Grace, and not for Susan, who giggled about the whole thing. I leaned across the table and said to Grace, jokingly, "Grace, as last year's Oscar winner, say hello to this year's!" Grace laughed and said, "I hope you're right! And Susan, I loved you in I'll Cry Tomorrow." I told about the incident later and I'm afraid I did a little embellishing. I said that Grace had told Susan she hoped Susan would win the Oscar. But Susan, always the soul of honesty and always observant, said, "That isn't what I heard!" Same night, still the same observant Susan: Zsa Zsa Gabor and Errol Flynn were on the dais receiving their Foreign Correspondents' Awards when Anita Ekberg, beautifully gowned and cleavaged almost beyond reason, made a fabulous grand entrance. The photogs now turned from Miss Kelly and started popping their flashbulbs at The Ek. I didn't notice this particular incident but Susan did: leaning across the table Susan said to Grace, "Look at Zsa Zsa — she's pulling the disappearing act!" Sure enough, Grace and Morgan and I looked to where Susan was pointing, and there was Zsa Zsa, disappearing off the stand as unobtrusively as she could, with Errol guiding her. After all, Anita Ekberg is a little too much competition even for Zsa Zsa Gabor. And Susan Hayward, who caught the byplay, is the most observant gal I know. Susan is not only observant, she's fond of most the people she observes through those wide-eyed, sea-green eyes of hers. We were at Dave Chasen's one night with Louella Parsons, in Dave's private party room, watching Teresa Wright play Louella's life on television, in the Climax! show. It was on a delayed kinescope. Susan and I were due over at the Beverly Hilton Hotel for the annual Screen Writers' Guild party. It was getting later and later. The minute her show was over I said to Louella, "It was wonderful, and we loved it, and now I think we'd better go because we're due at the Writers' party." Louella, one of Susan's oldest friends, seemed disappointed that we weren't staying for dinner. Susan whispered in my ear, "Let's stay a little while. It's Mother's big night and I wouldn't hurt her feelings for the world!" (Susan has called Louella "Mother" since they traveled in a vaudeville act once, when Susan was a starlet.) So we stayed. And just as Louella's guests were sitting down to a somewhat delayed dinner we left. We arrived at the Writers' party just as their dinner was over. We got no dinner that night. Susan laughed about it. "I don't care — I'm glad we stayed," she said. "Louella would have done the same for me." The night of the last Oscar Parade, Susan had a win-or-lose party at her home. Odd though it may seem, this was the first party she had ever thrown in Hollywood. She and Jess, it seems, just never got around to entertaining. On this particular night she invited 30 of her best friends, including Eaton Chalkley, the attorney. Eaton, incidentally, seems to be the man Susan is most interested in right now. Maybe he'll bring this spunky dedicated actress the personal happiness she deserves. end 0 HALO leaves hair Cleaner Softer Brighter Halo — unlike most shampoos — contains no greasy oils or soap to leave dulling, dirt-catching film! Clear, liquid Halo bursts into rain-soft lather in any kind of water. Cleans thoroughly, quickly, then rinses completely, carrying away dirt and dusty-looking dandruff. Brings out all of your hair's bright, shining beauty with each shampoo. Get safe, gentle Halo today! Halo Glorifies Your Hair — Naturally! i BU, \ ! Ufa 31