Motion Picture News (Mar - Apr 1926)

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• •- ;.! \N THEATRE son, N. J. s 'TM ♦ as cub added)* ADTRACTDON . •-. f HE Wurlitzer Organ, in it's advanced stage of perfection today, is an indispensable attraction in every motion picture theatre. The most stupendous production is inanimate without instrumentation which can interpret and follow the action, moods and atmosphere of the picture. In the Wurlitzer Organ there are no limitations in effects, other than in the ability of the organist to create them, and the possibilities of achievement are innumerable. The absolute flexibility, elasticity, reliability and, above all, tonal majesty of the Wurlitzer is unapproachable in any other organ. Recognition of superiority of the Wurlitzer Organ is evidenced by the overwhelming number of leading theatres in which the Wurlitzer is installed. Beautifully Illustrated Organ Catalog Upon Request CINCINNATI 121 East Fourth St. SAN FRANCISCO 250 Stockton St. NEW YORK 121 W. 42nd St. DENVER 2106 Broadway CHICAGO 329 S. Wabash Ave. LOS ANGELES 814 S. Broadway WuRLlIzEl? Pianos are the highest achievement in instrument making. H WuRLlIzER Residence organs are the finest ever constructed. ♦ UNIT ORGANS ♦