Motion Picture News (Apr - Jun 1929)

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John Gilbert WILL APPEAR IN TWO ALL-TALKING AND ONE SILENT PICTURE F all the stage romances which Broadway remembers for fiery, tempestuous love scenes and for vividly colorful backgrounds none is more imperishably fixed in memory than "Redemption" which brings John Gilbert to the world in his first All -Talking picture. It is the masterpiece of Tolstoi's romantic writing. There is a Silent Production of "Redemption." When John Barrymore played "Redemption" on Broadway, it was the sensation of the day. What a vehicle for John Gilbert's initial Talking appearance is this highly-charged drama of Russia before the revolution. Unforgettable is the sacrifice of the gay Russian officer, Fedya, who fearful of bringing unhappiness to his wife and son by his wild drinking and gambling, and afraid of ruining the life of the gypsy maid who loves him, pretends to commit suicide. Years later, his secret is discovered. His wife has meanwhile remarried. To shield her he performs an act of supreme heroism, gripping, heart-rending, superb! Supporting John Gilbert in "Redemption" are Renee Adoree, Conrad Nagel, Eleanor Boardman. Fred Niblo, the "Ben-Hur" master-creator of Epic films is directing. John Gilbert's second All-Talking picture is "Olympia," the Ferenc Molnar stage success. Lionel Barrymore, fresh from his directorial triumphs with "Madame X" is director of this gay, insouciant Viennese duel of love. Gilbert plays the role of Captain of Hussars, who flirtatiously wins the heart of a haughty princess, then poses as a notorious brigand thereby momentarily losing the royal favor, which he cleverly wins back in his own dashing fashion. A gala Gilbert role! It's a sure winner! 1— REDEMPTION— ALL-TALKING, also SILENT 2— OLYMPIA— ALL-TALKING