Motion Picture (Aug 1931-Jan 1932)

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f ■'"■ :' ■ •"■ Fryer THE Bobby Jones golf shorts are going like wildfire. Which revives the expectation that Helen Wills Moody will soon succumb to movie offers and throw her amateur standing over the windmill. She is said to be dickering for a hundred and fifty thousand dollars, and when she gets it she will start putting greasepaint on the face that one producer has called the "best movie type among the off-screen celebrities." Meanwhile Hollywood is indignant and apprehensive. All that money going to people not in the profession! And it is said that Bobby Jones, confronted with the necessity of painting his lips and beading his eyelashes, has not helped matters by saying some pretty hard things about acting as a man's job. Louise Brooks hasn't changed much, has she? Oh, yes, she has! A little in looks (note the hair brushed back) but more in acting. She learned plenty during her long sojourn in Germany. Now she's earning plenty. Did you see her in "God's Gift to Women?" WALTER BROWNE ROGERS, the face on the posters of "All Quiet on the Western Front" and the one of the youthful soldiers who did not get a movie contract from the picture because of illness, has returned to Hollywood. He has seen his book about movie extras, "When Do We Eat?" safely in a publisher's hands, and is living in the home that Jean Harlow formerly occupied. There are disadvantages in occupying the house of a platinum blonde as Walter reveals: "I'm continually picking long white hairs off my coat and the davenport and the easy chairs. So far, I've collected enough for a watch fob and I'm beginning on a chain now — " MONTAGUE LOVE, among his other accomplishments, is a painter of dogs and horses. Such a good painter, indeed, that he belongs, to all sorts of dignified art societies in London, where his work is well-known. Recently he gave an exhibition in Los Angeles, and was charmed to read the review of the "art critic" on the local paper. "Mr. Montague Love," this expert authority on art wrote, "shows some very charming studies of pixies and gnomes in his present exhibition." CAN it be possible that Sam Goldwyn really said, "If she's a fashion plate, I'm a Chinaman!" in his annoyance over Gloria Swanson's unscheduled departure for New York? It was the end to her argument with United Artists about whether her next picture should be Ursula Parrott's newest love-and-sex opus, "Love Goes Past" or — as Gloria prefers — "Rock-a-bye." The inference is obvious. No one looking at Sam would take him for a Chinaman. However, the studio dispatched Laura Hope Crews after her posthaste with orders — they say — to make peace. And Gloria wired she was starting for the United Artists' lot at once. VON STROHEIM spent five months writing dialogue for his silent picture, " Blind Husbands," only to find that Universal had decided against remakes. And now, having indignantly refused to direct "Boulevard" (the German picture purchased with him in Mr. and Mrs. William Seiter (Laura La Plante) above, peek out of the hatch and shout "Is breakfast ready?" The setting is their private launch. It's a hard life, mates! Is Anita Page (left) signalling to that ship that ought to be in pretty soon or trying to make the wild waves wilder? Her modernistic bathing suit is a birdie — the latest thing 38