Motion Picture (Aug 1936-Jan 1937)

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They're Hollywood's Newest Sensation! The whole town's talking about Sonja Henie and Tyrone Power, Jr. They've both got what it takes By Virginia T. Lane W rH0," asked Clark Gable, "are they?" Carole Lombard glanced quickly across the intervening tables. "Why that's Sonja Henie, the girl who cuts the fanciest figures on ice in the world ! Don't you remember the exhibition she gave in Los Angeles a few months ago? And the man is Tyrone Power, Jr." "Tyrone Power, Jr. eh? Gosh," said Gable, "if he's anywhere near as good an actor as his dad was ... !" That was at the Trocadero, one recent Saturday night. At the late tennis matches Frank Borzage, the director who picks 'em so they stay picked, spotted the two. "An interesting pair over there." "They should be!" a friend informed him. "They say the girl is getting $120,000 for her first picture out at Twentieth CenturyFox. And the chap with her, young Power, has just been given the lead in Lloyd's of London." Sonja and Tyrone — the whole town's talking about them! Soon the whole country will be. Because they've got what it takes — Sonja with her lively brown eyes and gold-spun hair and feet that perform minor miracles on skates ; Tyrone with a powerful heritage of the theatre and the kind of good looks that has every Hollywood starlet on edge. But so far he has eyes only for the vivacious, will-o'-the-wisp little Henie. Engaged? They're not telling. It seems to be more a case of a couple of newcomers in a strange land finding their way together. They met in front of the studio commissary. The publicity department wanted a "still" of them together. "Are you comingFriday night?" said Sonja. That was the night of her big exhibition. Said Tyrone, (thinking fast because he hadn't planned to go until that minute) "I've had a terrific time getting tickets but I'll be there!" And he was. And that's the way it started. FORTUNATE that so many of the world's crossroads lead to Hollywood these day s — or they'd never have met. He was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, U.S.A. She was born in Oslo, Norway during an April blizzard. "Why don't you call her 'Sonja'," suggested an artist friend of the family's. "It will look well in lights!" He should be classed among the Major Prophets, that artist. At fourteen her name W'as in lights. She was the world's figure skating champion. A title she has retained every year since. That may sound simple. Actually it's one of the most difficult and dangerous feats in the world. 44 Sonja performs miracles on skates