Motion picture acting; how to prepare for photoplaying, what qualifications are necessary, how to secure an engagement, salaries paid to photoplayers ([c1913])

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MOVING PICTURE ACTING these waiting rooms. It is most interesting, though frequently pitiful, to listen to the stories (some of them hard-luck tales) of both photo and legiti- mate players. What is truer than one could imagine and most difficult to understand is the fact that even all this fails to discourage real ambition— which is as it should be! The one who "gets there" is the one who "sticks," and these experiences of others, however bitter they may be, should serve to separate the goats from the sheep—to utterly discourage and weed out those who are entirely unfit for the work, and to bring into the minds of those really qualified more serious thoughts of their undertaking, since it is to be "playing" which will mean work, hard work, and not all pleasure and happiness. Since many of the motion picture artists are now placed through the agencies, all players readily realize that their assistance is invaluable and it is well to register with them. Among the most im- portant dramatic and musical agencies in New York City, who are licensed to secure engagements for players and players for engagements, are the fol- lowing : Betts & Fowler. ., 1402 Broadway Packard Exchange.. . ., 1416 Broadway Bijou Fernandez 214 West 42nd St. Chas. A. Goettler 1482 Broadway Paul Scott ,. . . 1402 Broadway 50