Motion Picture Classic (Jan-Aug 1919)

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The Extra Girl Becomes a News paper Reporter By ETHEL ROSEMON “ A ND SO they were arrested and summoned to court, and behold ! I was there.” How would you like to weave a wonderful dream of stardom, your picture in The Classic's Gallery, ermine furs, a limousine, a million dollars’ worth of Liberty Bonds and — and wake up to read that handwriting on the wall ? But then when you have a ‘‘for sale in every part of the country on the same day” sharing your struggle each month, you can afford to relinquish all these things with a good imitation of grace. Think of the hundreds of extras who must go ffMMMlilMfr'illlBIMWBPlilll'l home each night and confide their hopes deferred to the family cat ! Ever since Miss Wriggles was a pup I have been hunting for the sesame to the door of Metro’s Sixty-first Street studio. I shudder to think of the years of struggling that might still be stretching before me if Director Harry Franklin had not shown wisdom in the choice of his assistant, Fred Warren. It .was his discerning eye that selected me to support a courtroom bench in Emmy Wehlen’s starring vehicle, ‘‘.Sylvia on a Spree.” Now as an easy-chair a courtroom bench has many defects that unfit it for active service. I knew it — so did the other extras, for when the call, ‘‘On the set !” resounded thru the hall, each demonstrated his idea of Soft wood by scrambling into the most likely looking seat. A few minutes later Mr. Franklin appeared on the scene. It was . {Continued on page 78) Above, Emmy Wehlen and her director, Harry Franklin. At the left is the raid scene from “Sylvia on a Spree,” and below is the courtroom interlude, with Miss Rosemon as a reporter. ( Forty-seven) •