Motion Picture Daily (Apr-Jun 1936)

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PARAMOUNT HEADLINERS The "headliners" of radio, slage and screen . . . the best known singers, the finest dance orchestras . . . singing, playing unique arrangements of the newest hit tunes . . . You know the kind of talent used this past ^ar — Yascha Bunchuk's orchestra, Andre Kostelanetz's orchestra and choir, Duke Ellington's band, Red Nichol's lunesters, Ina Ray Hutton and Her Band, Richard Himber's orchestra, Hal Kemp and Ben Bernie. You'll get the same high quality entertainment this coming season. Radio polls add to the regular Paramount test to prove "Headliners" BOX-OFFICE PARAMOUNT PICTORIALS Personalities, oddities, adventures, scenic marvels from all over the world in a series that is the motion picture's nearest approach to the great field of a great daily's weekly magazine section. This series will contain many subjects in Technicolor. Robert C. Bruce, ace Technicolor cameraman, lauded by the entire trade for his work on "The Trail of the Lonesome Pine" will "get" the color pictures for you. Proven in successive tests by Paramount BOX-OFFICE PARAMOUNT PARAGRAPHICS Introducing the newest ideas in picture entertainment, but carefully tested to meet the demands charted by the reports from the field. Everything from cock-eyed omedies to serious human interest stories. The most exciting ideas in the whole world of pictures. Our entire organization com , t r _ Careful tailoring to peted in a title-finding contest. Paramount mee2 known deraands Paragraphics is the name that got the most make these votes. It speaks for itself. BOX-OFFICE