Motion Picture Daily (Jul-Sep 1956)

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MOTION PICTURE DAILY 'OL. 80, NO. 5 NEW YORK, U. S. A., MONDAY, JULY 9, 1956 TEN CENTS EDITORIAL. COMPO's Useful Life Extended Television Todau By Sherwin Kane IN THIS ISSUE PAGE 5 RENEWAL of financial support of Compo by member companies of the Motion Picture Association guarantees this all-pur>ose industry organization another rear of life. The companies' action, nany will agree, is well-advised. One of the first results of it will Oe another Audience Awards, very ikely on a streamlined and vastly mproved basis, with some of the shortcomings of the first Audience \wards balloting last year elimnated. There is little reason to doubt :hat, properly conducted and sold ;o the public, the Audience Awards :an be made a substantial box office stimulant, as well as a staunch :ontributor to a reawakened inerest in motion pictures. As such, he Compo-conducted balloting will jolster the various other attendance stimulators being planned by advertising-publicity and distribution executives. • Another result of the continued :ompany support of Compo very ikely may be a final, and successful, campaign during the next session of Congress for elimination of the Federal admission tax. It may well be said that without Compo these and other worthwhile industry endeavors could not be undertaken, or, if undertaken, could not succeed. For that reason, many are convinced of the truth of the saying that, if there were no Compo, the industry would find it necessary to organize one. Surely, there is much for Compo to do. Success in virtually any of its endeavors promises not only to pay for its upkeep but to provide sizeable dividends in all areas of the industry, as well. • • The Sindlinger report showing ithe very large percentage of attendance in a Southwestern survey area which can be credited directly to sales made by trailers exhibited in theatres, is of very special pertinence in these times of searching for remedies for an anemic box office. Reported in detail in this issue, it is recommended for careful reading and serious consideration. Spotlighting the news in Television Today: highlights of the week just concluded. *~ Passing in Review— evaluation and comment Showmakers— names making the show news. In Oklahoma 34% of Gross Credited to Film Trailers B.P.Brooks Is Named To Stanley Warner Philadelphia Zone Special to THE DAILY OKLAHOMA CITY, July 8-Theatre trailers were found to be the primary influence behind $348 of every $1,000 expended for admission at first-run theatres here during a period of 84 weeks, according to a report issued by Sindlinger & Company. The research analysis company made the survey for a group of theatre (Continued on page 4) Balaban Acclaims 'War and Peace' From THE DAILY Bureau LONDON, July 8-Barney Balaban, president of Paramount Pictures, who flew here from Paris to see the first final print of "W a r and Peace" in company with a group of other Paramount executives from New York, has hailed the production in these words: "I am happy to tell sincerely the motion picture industry and our own international Paramount organization (Continued on page 4) The appointment of Bernard P. Brooks, film buyer for Fabian Theatres since 1942, as assistant zone manager and chief film buyer for the Stanley Warner Corp. in the Philadelphia zone was announced by Harry Kalmine, S-W vice-president and general manager. Brooks entered the motion picture field in the ad sales department of Paramount Pictures. Later, he was transferred to the booking department where he became head booker of the Jersey exchange. Then, he spent several years as a salesman for the company in upstate New York, leaving to join the Rosenblatt & Welt Circuit in New Jersey and Staten Island as general manager and chief film buyer. The circuit also announced the advancement of Ted Minsky, presently (Continued on page 4) Barney Balaban 'Pact Vacation9 to Wald To Study Other Offers From THE DAILY Bureau HOLLYWOOD, July 8-In a unique agreement concluded at the weekend by Columbia Pictures vice-president and executive producer Jerry Wald, and the Columbia studio, which holds a Wald contract which has two years to run, Wald has been granted a six-weeks contractual vacation in which to negotiate for another production connection which he considers preferable. If Wald succeeds in such negotiation, the agreement provides, his Columbia contract will be ended im( Continued on page 4) By Mid-Week Warner Stock Deal Closing Is Imminent Samuel Schneider Seen Continuing with Company Closing of the deal for purchase of the stock holdings of H. M. and Major Albert Warner in Warner Bros. Pictures Corp. by the group headed by Serge Semenenko, first vice president of the First National Bank of Boston, is scheduled to take place within die next day or two, principals in the transaction told Motion P i c ture Daily at the weekend. Indications are that final details in the approximately $18,000,000 transaction will be cleared up tomorrow and signing of the documents concluding the arrangements could take place immediately afterward or on Wednesday. Although no official confirmation (Continued on page 4) Samuel Schneider Commission on Arts Approved by Senate From THE DAILY Bureau WASHINGTON, July 8-A bill to set up a special Federal Advisory Commission on the arts has been passed by the Senate and sent to the House for approval. The legislation would set up the unit in the Dept. of Health, Education and Welfare, and its function would be to advise the government on means to foster development and appreciation of the arts. The President and members of the motion picture, radio and television, drama, music, dance, literary, painting and other artistic fields requested forming of the commission. Under the proposed measure, the advisory commission would consist of 24 members to be named by the President from all art fields.