Motion Picture Daily (Jul-Sep 1956)

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4 Motion Picture Daily Monday, July 9, 1956 Balaban See WB Deal Near Closing Trailers (Continued from page 1) that in all of my long experience in show business I honestly can think of only four or five other pictures qualified to rank with it." Shown at Paramount House Balaban is currently on a European business trip. The private screening of the Ponti-DeLaurentiis production, which is in VistaVision and Technicolor, was held at Paramount's London Plaza Theatre. Wald-Columbia ( Continued from page 1 ) mediately. If he does not find a preferable connection, the agreement provides that he return to Columbia and serve out the remainder of his contract, including personal production of "The Last Hurrah," "Good Shepherd," "Sons and Lovers" and "Joseph and His Brethren." Interests in films made under Wald's executive producership are retained by him under the pact terms. ( Continued was obtainable, it was reported that Samuel Schneider, Warner Bros, vicepresident, would remain with the company as vice-president and treasurer, succeeding Major Albert Warner in the latter post. There has been, and continues to be, some doubt whether a complete agreement assuring Schneider's continuance with the company had been reached. However, the affirmative reports are given credence in circles close to the negotiations. Say Key Officers Will Remain As reported earlier, Jack L. Warner will become president, succeeding Harry M. Warner, in addition to continuing in charge of production at the studio. Ben Kalmenson, vice-president in charge of distribution, will become executive vice-president, with headquarters in New York. Other key officers of the company will continue in their present positions, it was indicated. Contrary to earlier reports, it was from page 1) stated that Jack Warner will not purchase additional shares in the company under the revised arrangements. He will, however, emerge as the largest individual shareholder merely by retaining the bulk of his present holdings, estimated at approximately 250,000 shares. Stock Holdings Heavy With some 600,000 shares of stock being acquired from H. M. and Major Albert Warner by the investing group to be subscribed for by some 17 participants other than Jack Warner, the latter could dispose of a substantial block of his stock and still remain the organization's largest individual stockholder. To Screen 'Society' Theatre screenings in all exchange cities are being planned for the week of July 16 for "High Society," M-G-M release of the Sol C. Siegel independent production which stars Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra and Grace Kelly. The most Luxurious way to Los Angeles! United's 365 ftt*p«li« DC-7 Nonstop flights It's "red carpet" service on the world's fastest airliners with delicious full-course meals, tasty snacks, a choice of cocktails, plus all the many extras of "service in the Mainliner manner." Club-like rear lounge for relaxation with fellow-passengers. Leave 12 noon or 12:30 a.m. Contact nearest United Air Lines ticket office or an authorized travel agent. i ( Continued from page 1 ) clients in Oklahoma City and County covering a period ending June 9th. A follow-up report, soon to be issued, will demonstrate that die theatre trailer in all other Oklahoma City and County theatres, excluding firstruns, runs about 12% higher as an influencing factor than it does among!' first-run audiences, it was revealed. To ascertain the "circulation" of trailers, the last theatres they attended and the films seen: for every yl 1000 who attended Oklahoma City U first-runs during an average week, it I was discovered that 47.2% were ex-;f posed to a trailer on a specific coming ff 1 attraction since they had been to the ff same theatre for two consecutive | changes of program. Recollection Important Of the 47% that return to the sameiff first-run theatre for the next program,,! 84.7% can "play back" something they | remembered from the coming attrac l tion trailer they saw during theinL prior visit, the report showed. Andllf 72.5% of them say that the trailer was !, an influence in their wanting to see f "this picture." Of the 34.2% motivated to attend |. the theatre primarily by a trailer, it iff . was discovered further that 71.4% v were "frequent" and 28.6% were "in ,f frequent" moviegoers. The average admission price paid !;!, by the "frequent" moviegoers was 1 72$, or $175.68 and the average price I paid by "infrequent" moviegoers was I ( 83$ or $81.4. Thus, the total average | weekly expenditure of the 342 per I 1000 who were motivated by the | ' theatre trailer was $257.02. Dollar Evaluation Computed The report then summed up as follows: "It has been shown that the average weekly gross for the past 84 weeks of all first-run theatres on a consolidated basis, is $739.49 per 1000 attendance. Since 34.8% of the f average weekly first-run gross is at' jl tributed to the theatre trailer, the f dollar value of the theatre trailer is U $257.34 per 1000 attendance. "Or— stated another way, during j the past 84 weeks . . . the interviewing shows that for every $1000 in gross at the first-run theatres, $348 came from expenditures which were motivated by the coming attraction trailer." Stanley Warner ( Continued from page 1 ) in charge of Philadelphia film buying, to the film department in New York, and Daniel B. Triester of the New York film department will be film buyer of the Los Angeles zone. Ted Schlanger, Philadelphia zone manager, announced that A. J. Vanni will assume supervision of the three Stanley Warner downtown first-runs, the Mastbaum, Stanley and Stanton Theatres, in addition to the out-oftown theatres which he has been handling. Jack Flynn will leave the film department there to become district manager and supervise a group of local theatres.