Motion Picture Daily (Jul-Sep 1956)

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[on Picture Daily Monday, July 9, 1956 Television Jqday ho's Where week these changes: rey Bernard has been apd sales representative in nd for Guild Films, it is aned by R. R. Kaufman, presMr. Bernard, formerly head es for Associated Rediffusion, before that associated with ont Pictures and Walt Disroductions. t D. Levitt has been named U manager of NBC Televi''ilms and the Merchandising on effective July 9, it is ansd by Alan W. Livingston, ent of the Kagran Corp. At ,me time Mr. Livingston aned that Carl M. Stanton, resident of NBC-TV and a pr of Kagran, an NBC subwill return to the parent iny within the next few |T E. Curran has been proto assistant regional manf the ABC Television station ns department effective imtely, it is announced by Alk. Beckman, director of stagnations for the ABC-TV netMr. Curran, manager of the V Cooperative Program Defent since November 1955, jlso serve as general adminis[e assistant to Mr. Beckman Hew position. ppointment of Gene Deitch, ted film director, to the newated post of creative superof Terrytoons, a division of CV Film Sales, Inc. was need by William M. Weiss, il manager of Terrytoons. AM C. Gillogly, eastern sales ?er for the ABC-TV network, .nnounced that William M. Inzer has been named an ac The Show-Makers THE NEW general manager of KNXT and Columbia's Pacific Television Network: Clark George, right. With him, Craig Lawrence, vice-president in charge of CBS-owned TV stations. Mr. George formerly managed the company's TV spot sales. count executive on the general sales staff and John R. Porterfield has been named account executive on the special project sales staff. Alexander W. Dannenbaum, Jr., has been named vice-president in charge of sales of the Westinghouse Broadcasting Co., responsible for sales and sales policy in the six cities where the company operates TV or radio stations. Vincent Melzac, head of Television Programs of America International, has been promoted to vicepresident of TPA. In addition to present duties, he will handle general administrative matters of the company. Crosley Broadcasting Corp. announces that Dave Wilson has joined the publicity department of WLW Television and Radio, Cincinnati, Ohio, where he will do trade and news media assignments. Mr. Wilson was formerly publicity director of WCPO-TV, Cincinnati. Michael Wilding and Havis Davenport star in "The Carroll Formula," on Screen Directors Playhouse, Wednesday, July 18 on ABC-TV. The cast includes Steven Geray, Roy Roberts, Donald Barry and Donald MacBride, Tay Garnett is the director and John L. Greene is the writer. Robert H. Harris is featured in the repeat showing of "The Orderly World of Mr. Appleby" on Alfred Hitchcock Presents, Sunday, July 15, over CBS-TV. Others in the cast are Meg Mundy, Michael Ansara, Louis Larabee, Gage Clark, Helen Spring, Edna Holland and Mollie Glassing. Linda Darnell stars in "White Corridors," second presentation of Screen Directors Playhouse, on July 11 over ABC-TV. Also in the cast are John Bentley Scott Forbes, Virginia Field and Pat Hitchcock. James Mason stars in the suspense drama, "Duel at Dawn" to be presented on the new series, G.E. Summer Originals, over ABC-TV, Tuesday, July 10. Scott Forbes, Pamela Kellino, Paul Cavanaugh, Bruce Lester, John Dodsworth and Judy Osborn star. Hal March, Carol Haney and Jayne Mansfield will be starred and Julie Wilson featured in a new television musical, "The Bachelor," written expressly for The Sunday Spectacular July 15 on NBC-TV. Arnie Rosen and Coleman Jacoby wrote the book and Steve Allen composed the music and lyrics. James Barton will play the lead in "Man on the White Horse" in the second of the Kaiser Aluminum Hour series, July 17, over NBC-TV. Bruce Geller wrote the script, and Fielder Cook will direct. Snooky Lanson will substitute for the vacationing Dinah Shore this Summer on a number of Tuesdays and Thursdays. The program will be known as Chevrolet on Broadway. Tommy Hamm, Joe Eich, Bob Wollter and Jamie Dina will assist on the NBC quarterhour. * Cyril Ritchard, Jean Fenn and Lois Hunt will be starred in the Producers Showcase presentation of "Rosalinda," in color and black and white over NBC-TV July 23. Edwin Lester will produce, Bob Banner will direct. ★ Joe E. Brown will star in "Country Store," on G. E. Summer Originals, July 17, over ABC-TV. The show was produced by Hal Roach Studios and directed by Abby Berlin. * Ethel Barrymore and Ronald Reagan are co-starred in "Prospers Old Mother" on the General Electric Theatre July 15, over CBS-TV. * Richard Webb has signed a longterm contract with Screen Gems, Inc., television subsidiary of Columbia Pictures Corp. Mr. Webb is known as Captain Midnight, star of the network series of the same name, and as Jet Jackson, the name for the syndicated version of Captain Midnight. MMERCIALS ON THE SPOT itinued activity in production of new commercial spots, to freshen Ivertising appeal for a variety of products, includes the following : 50RGE BLAKE ENT. II Sweepers (N. W. Ayer) Car Wash" (McCann-Erick Steam Iron (Dowd, Redfield ins tone) \RAVEL FILMS agton Auto Shavers (Y & R) Manville (J. Walter Thomp >rear Airfoam (Kudner) ios Toothpaste (Grey Adv.) . Savings Bonds (McCannson) At PETER ELGAR PROD. New Old Dutch Cleanser (Y & R) Noxzema (S. S. C. & B.) Samson Folding Furniture (Grey Adv.) At LALLEY & LOVE Alcoa Products (Ketchum, MacLeod and Grove) N. Y. Daily News (Cunningham & Walsh) Westinghouse Electric (McCannErickson) Latex Gloves (Direct) Oakite Cleaner (Calkins & Holden) At McCONNACHIE PROD. Buick Cars (Kudner) Standard Oil of N. J. (McCann Erickson) Pepsi-Cola (Kenyon & Eckhardt) At OWEN MURPHY PROD. Firestone Rubber (Foote, Cone & B elding) Life Magazine (Y & R) AT&T (N. W. Ayer) At SARRA, INC. Cudahy Pork Sausages (Klau-Van Pietersom-Dun lap ) O'Keefe Ale & Beer (Comstock & Co.) Aunt Jemima Pancakes (J. Walter Thompson) At UNIVERSAL PICTURES TV DuPont Products (B. B. D. & 0.) Marlboro Cigarettes (Leo Burnett) Studebaker (Benton & Bowles) Colgate Toilet Articles (Lennen & Newell) American Stock Exchange (Direct) Budweiser Beer (D'Arcy Adv.) Hudnut Beauty Aids (Kenyon & Eckhardt) At VIDEO PICTURES Oldsmobile Cars (D. P. Brother) Pall Mall Cigarettes (S.. S. C. & B.) Arrid Deodorant (S. S. C. & B.) Rise Shaving Cream (S. S. C. & B.) IN THE ^ -JAST" it s