Motion picture daily (Jul-Sep 1959)

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IS NOW THE BIG TALK OF THE ENTIRE INDUSTRY! Preview patrons literally rocked with laughter for 105 minutes!... Indications couldn't be stronger that exhibitors themselves will be laughing ALL THE WAY TO THE BANK !.,? Doris Day delivers a sparkling performance in one of the best romantic comedy roles tackled by a female!" ^MOTION PICTURE DAIL Y Pillow Talk' is U-I's hilarious moonshot fo: top boxoffice grosses. it is sure to hit the target! Rock Hudson becomej one of the best light comedians in the business. He has acquired a playfulness reminiscei of Gary Grant, with ability to handle droll double entendre gags equal to Gable's!' -HOLLYWOOD REPORTEi ''For once, two reviewers agreeā€”to the very word!