The Exhibitor (1959)

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EDWARI KOOKII BYRNE! IN-PERSOI TOUR CLINT WALKER IN-PERSON TOUR! f~~ t Millions and millions will see 'em on their twin 2950-mil( personal 'sell* tours starting August 15th. Thirty-fou cities and all surrounding areas covered with gala presi luncheons and dinners, mass interviews and saturatioi appearances on radio and TV. It’s just one of the wayi in which Warners are going all out to tell 'em all hov big they are together on your big theatre screen! /Ou/>n£/ri/ Clint twicer • Edward Byrnes • John Russell wm TECHNICOLOR® wth RAY DANTONCLAUDE AKINSRHODES REASON -ANDRA MARTIN Screenplay by BURT KENNEDY Directed by GORDON DOUGLAS SEE THE PRESSBOOI SPECIAL LIFE-SIZE LOBBY SET-PI ECI SPECIAL TEASER TRAILER! SPECIAL TV TRAILEF SPECIAL RADIO SPOTS! ETC., ETC.!