The Exhibitor (1959)

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Davee Demonstrates Century's Model JJ TOA-NAC Show Booths Sold Theatre Owners of America have reported that a majority of the booths at the planned TOA-National Association of Concessionaires’ Trade Show, have already been sold. The show will be held in the Hotel Sherman, Chicago, Nov. 8 through 11. The show is being directed by George G. Kerasotes, TOA president; Philip M. Lowe, NAC head; Lee Koken, NAC board chairman; and Arthur B. Segal. NAC exhibit chairman. Worth Announces New Carbon Research and development work on a new 13.6 carbon for wide film projection has been completed according to a recent an¬ nouncement by Arthur Worth, sales mana¬ ger of Diamond Carbons Division, Western Mercantile Corp. Worth said that the firm expects to make early delivery on the carbon. You SELL because they SEE! Customers see corn popping in the Manley VistaPop Kettle . . . you see sales and profits soar! The all new Manley VistaPop Kettle has the new, exclusive "see-through" feature. Customers see their own corn popping. Appetites are stimulated. Impulse buying goes into action. Your sales go up. What's more, new "hot air-condi¬ tioned" warming pan keeps corn fresh, hot, crisp . . . delicious. No more soggy popcorn. You produce a top quality product that pays off in re¬ peat sales! GET THE FACTS ON HOW YOU CAN INCREASE PROFITS WITH THE MANLEY Write Manley today for complete details on how the VistaPop can mean new sales, more repeat sales, greater profits for you. Qr ask to have a Manley representative call, without obligation. Manley, Inc., 1920 Wyandotte Street, Kansas City 8, Missouri. Address Dept. EX-859 Adaptability to any film width, simplicity, and ease of handling were shown to be out¬ standing qualities of Century’s Model JJ 70/35 mm Projector at a recent demonstra¬ tion conducted by Century Projector Cor¬ poration president Larry Davee for the mo¬ tion picture trade press. Davee is personally responsible for the design and construction of the Model JJ, which can be purchased as a standard 35mm projector and built into a wide-film projector whenever the exhibitor desires, by the installation of additional parts. In actual timing Davee showed how the projector can be switched from 35 to 70mm operation, or vice versa, without undue haste, in 27 seconds. Com¬ menting on the value of the Model JJ, Davee showed how all parts were marked — green for 35mm, red for 70 mm — on interchangeable parts and stressed the ease and simplicity with which the projector can be operated on either film width. He also foresaw greatly improved pictures for drive-ins with 70mm prints through the reduction of magnification necessary, thus permitting greater definition and picture clarity on the screen. Davee also revealed that Century had already delivered six of the Model JJ projectors, in pairs, to theatres in Minneapolis, the West Coast and Puerto Rico. The Century Model JJ 70/35mm Projector is the only American designed and manufac¬ tured projector available. This projector meets all the American standards which have led the World since the first projector was designed and built by Thomas A. Edison, more than fifty years ago. Century is the only company in the World having designed all of the special film projectors that have been used, including the Waller Gunnery Trainers used by the United States Armed Forces in World War II, Cinerama, Horizon¬ tal Vista Vision and Technirama, Cinemiracle and other specialized film systems. The JJ Model follows the time proven design of having the projector mechanism, optical sound reproducer, magnetic sound reproducer, and upper and lower magazines in separate units, thereby adding strength, stability, ease of installation, simplified servicing, and the possible expansion of presently operating projection and sound equipment through modernization in progressive steps, Davee pointed out. Century has taken a long look forward to analyze possible future requirements for projection equipment and believes that the Model JJ is the answer to an equipment prepared for almost any forseeable expansion for the present 70mm and 35mm film dimensions, as well as other possible refinements. The mechanism incorporates a double rear shutter system, an exclusive feature found only in the Century equipment. As a result of this feature the highest light effici¬ ency is obtained with negligible flicker con¬ tent. The design anticipates the use of optical systems having light speeds as high as FI. 5. Bennett Names Kissh John A. Kissh, of Dallas, has been appoint¬ ed manufacturer’s representative for the Ben¬ nett Manufacturing Company in Texas, Okla¬ homa, Arkansas and Louisiana, according to a recent announcement by F. L. Pipolo, Ben Century Model JJ 70/35mm Projector with optical and magnetic sound reproducers. nett general manager. Kissh will offer the entire Bennett waste receptacle line. It is the only projector that permits utiliza¬ tion of standard arc lamps, bases, etc., with¬ out necessity of costly modifications. The design further allows for complete inter¬ changeability with all existing standard pro¬ jection and sound systems, and thereby reduces installation time and expense to a minimum. The magnetic and optical sound repro¬ ducers incorporate film stabilization which won an Academy of Arts and Sciences Award for “Improved Reproduction for Motion Picture Theatres and Studios.” Since this Award was made, there has been no sound reproducer designed or built with an im¬ proved operating result as to warrent further recognition, Davee added. The magnetic re¬ producer incorporates separate 70mm and 35mm clusters (heads) designed and manu¬ factured by the Ampex Corporation, also an American firm. These heads include fea The mechanism incorporates a double tures contributing to improved sound re¬ production and longer life. (A complete description of the Century Model JJ 70/ 35mm Projector was published in the 16th annual THEATRE CATALOG issue of MOTION PICTURE EXHIBITOR, April 1, 1959) Carbon Promises More Light A new 9mm High Intensity positive projec¬ tor carbon that can produce up to ten percent more light for today’s larger theatre screens has been announced by National Carbon Company, a division of Union Carbide Corp. Amperage for the new carbon has been in¬ creased from the previous 75 to 85 ampere range to a top of 90 amperes, and this increase in maximum current makes possible ten per¬ cent more light at the same burning rate, the company reports. This additional light is especially important to 9mm projection sys¬ tems operated in connection with today’s giant screens that demand more screen light for optimum performance, the firm states. If the operator chooses, the new carbon can be operated at the same light level, at which rating it will burn up to 12 percent longer. DAVEE PE-10 PHYSICAL THEATRE EXTRA PROFITS DEPARTMENT of MOTION PICTURE EXHIBITOR August 12, 1959