The Exhibitor (1961)

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METRO-GOLDWYN-MAYER ^ a JULIAN BLAUSTEIN Production w by VINCENTE MINNELLI t Ibanez' unforgettable story sweeping you from the broad pampas of the Argentine to the boulevards of Paris, telling of Julio, with his fast cars and sleek women, of Marguerite, who tried to divide her love, and of Marcelo, who ran from one war to be caught by another. Telling of Madariaga, who built a Paradise and of Karl, who destroyed it, of Etienne, who knew the depths of man’s depravity and Chi-Chi, who believed only in man’s good. It tells of Elena, arrogant in her pride and Luisa, humble in her sorrow. And it tells of Heinrich, drunk with the power that loosed the Four Horsemen on a GLENN FORD • INGRID THULIN • CHARLES BOYER • LEE J. COBB • PAULHENREID — PAUL LUKAS YVETTE MIMIEUX KARL BOEHM D KIN" play by based on lha novel by ROBERT ARDREY™ JOHN GAY ■ VICENTE BLASCO IBANEZ El m CINEMASCOPE .»« METROCOLOR THEATRE ssm AD concentrates on copy for situations cater¬ ing to more sophisticated theatregoers. Liter¬ ary value of work can also be used in tieups with school and college groups. SCHOOL CONTEST English and Literature teachers are always interested in some incentive to get their pupils to exert extra effort. Try to get the schools to run an essay contest on why the United Nations is today’s best hope to end the ride of the “FOUR HORSEMEN” (Conquest, War, Pestilence, and Death). Offer a savings bond and guest tickets to best entries. An effective tie-up might be made with the school art de¬ partments. Students could be invited to draw their conception of the Four Horsemen. NEWSPAPERS MGM has prepared an excellent set of ads in several styles and sizes. Russ Grant of Loew’s publicity department has adapted the MGM ads with the special Loew border for use in our theatres. With such good ads, a substantial newspaper campaign should be planned. MGM has launched a great magazine ad campaign. Full page color ads will appear in the Feb. 13 issue of Look, and the Feb. 7 issue of Life. TIE-UPS There are a number of good tie-up stills which should land co-op ads and window displays. At this writing the pressbook is not yet ready, but it will carry a list of these stills. BOOK TIE-UPS A Dell comic book and a paperback edition of the book is ready, so contact your news dealer for the bannering of his trucks, store, and counter displays. STREET BALLYHOO Most cities will not allow a banner across a street, but a portable banner is another thing. Using a couple of 2"x2" poles, stretch a large banner well above any vehicle traffic across the busiest street in town. A couple of ushers can hold the poles. The walking book stunt would be good since the paper is so colorful. A JULIAN BLAUSTEIN PRODUCTION CINEMASCOPE .no METROCOLOR METRO-GOLDWYN-MAYER presents THE A JULIAN BLAUSTEIN PRODUCTION j i/mORSEMEN “I50FTHE APOCALYPSE , CINEMASCOPE METROCOLOR BOOK MARK STUNT To make sure you reach every school, a variation on the numbered book mark is in order. Have several thousand book marks printed with numbers, and some without. In the ad you run in the major school papers you list a group of winning numbers. Distribute the book marks well in advance at the schools. Additional copy on the book mark instruct students to keep the book mark and check its number against the num¬ bers that will appear in the ad in their school paper on a cer¬ tain date. Perhaps the school paper’s editor will give you some additional space and play up the gimmick with a list of the winning numbers, and a story. The unnumbered book marks are for the schools who do not have a newspaper. As I said before, the pressbook is not yet ready at this writing, but it will surely contain a great number of additional ideas and tie-ups. Rut the success of “THE FOUR HORSE¬ MEN OF THE APOCALYPSE depends on your starting your promotion YESTERDAY. VARIETY of ad styles is commendable. Here is one that also concentrates on copy, describing the romantic and adventure qualities of the film in bright prose style. Now and then there is a motion picture for which the word is "timeless". . This is one, for it tells a story that is big in today's world ... It is fraught with the truth and terror, the loves and hopes of now. . . It is peopled with men who are heroic, women who are alluring . , .This is what happens in their hearts whether the place is Argentina or Paris . . . For this is all humankind when conflict comes and the clock stands still! ....... PAUL Ll'KAS -YVETTE MIMIEUX • KARL BOEHM • ROBERT ARDREY— JOHN GAY VICENT sTbUSCO IB.UEZ THEATRE January 3 I, 1962 MOTION PICTURE EXHIBITOR 13