The Exhibitor (1961)

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SERVISECTION THE CHECK-UP of all Features and Short Subjects as reviewed and compiled during the past 12 months Published every second week, as a separately bound and easily saveable section of MOTION PICTURE EXHIBITOR, this exclusive 25 year old service lists by (1) Distribution Source and by (2) Alphabet, all professional motion pictures offered for dating by the nation's theatres, plus all those that are In pro¬ duction. Each new Issue Is a complete, carefully checked reference Index, brought up-to-date from the best available sources. Complete and detailed REVIEWS are published as separately bound and easily saveable pink paper sections, on the alternating every second week throughout the film season (September to September), and are cumulatively numbered. It Is recommended that readers save this SERVISECTION reference for only the two week interval between issues, and then discard it as antiquated data. The pink paper REVIEWS, however, should be permanently saved and assembled Into complete files, by seasons, and the last Issue of each August will always contain a complete annual Index. Combined, the yellow paper SERVISECTION and the pink paper REVI EWS represent a unique Informa¬ tive service to theatremen that Is unequalled In either accuracy or completeness. Please address all Inquiries or suggestions about these two service features to the Editors of MOTION PICTURE EXHIBITOR, 317 N. Broad St., Philadelphia 7, Penna. JANUARY 31, 1962 “.now°7 FEATURE INDEX ... by DISTRIBUTION SOURCE: KEY . . . Features are arranged alphabetically under each distributor's name. Number preceding title is the Production Number assigned by the producer. Abbreviations following title indicate type of story, such as C — Comedy COMP — Compilation MD — Melodrama NOV — Novelty CAR — Cartoon D — Drama MU — Musical TRAV — Travelogue DOC — Documentary W — Western Number, followed by m. Is running time on day of screening. If a feature has been cut, or had censorship difficulties, check local exchange or possible running time change. Abbreviations following running time indicate projection and color processes, such as CS — ClnemaScope MC — MetroColor TC — Technicolor VV — VistaVision DC — DeLuxe Color PV — Panavision TE — Technirama C — Other color EC — Eastman Color RE — Reissue TS — Totalscope Under the cast heading are only the two or three most important names. Next Is the cumulatively numbered page and date of issue when MOTION PICTURE EXHIBiTOR published the complete analytical review plus an evaluation of the particular picture's box-office worth. ALLIED ARTISTS DISTRIBUTED DURING THE PAST 12 MONTHS 6105 ANGEL BABY — MD-97m. — Salome Jens, George Hamilton, Mercedes McCambridge — 4813 (5-3-61) — Excellent and dynamic film Introduces new star 6109 ARMORED COMMAND — D-99m. — Howard Keel, Tina Louise — 4845 (8-9-61) — Interesting war drama has angles BASHFUL ELEPHANT, THE — CD-83m. — Molly Mack, Helmut Schmid, Kai Fischer — 4901 (1-24-62) — For children and as dualler for family program — Made in Austria; dubbed in English 6108 BRAINWASHED — D-102n.. — Curt Jurgens, Claire Bloom — 4837 (7-12-61) — Good suspense entry for general situations, art spots— German-made; English dialogue BRIDGE, THE — D-102m. — Fritz Wepper, Michael Hinz — 4817 (5-17-61) — Good war film — German-made; English titles 6106 DAVID AND GOLIATH — SP-95m. — (EC; Total Scope) — Orson Welles, I vo Payer — 4817 (5-17-61 )— Satisfactory biblical spectacle should prove saleable — Italian-made — dubbed In English 6102 DONDI — CD— 100m. — David Kory. David Janssen, Patti Page — 4845 (8-9-61) — Fair programmer EL CID — D-186m. — (70mm Super Technlrama-TC) — Charlton Heston, Sophia Loren — 4893 (12-20-61) — Impressive, colorful adven¬ ture should ride high — Made in Spain GEORGE RAFT STORY, THE — D-105H>m — Ray Danton, Jayne Mansfield — 4893 (12-20-61) — Highly Interesting biofilm 6014 HEROES DIE YOUNG — MD-76m. — Erika Peters, Scott Borland — 4789 (2-8-61) — Lower half war meller 6107 KING OF THE ROARING 20’S— M D-106m. — David Janssen, Dianne Foster — 4817 (5-17-61 )— Well made and enacted life of a notorlour gambler 6103 OPERATION EICHMANN — MD-92m. — Werner Klemperer, Ruta Lee — 4801 (3-22-61) — Highly exploitable melodrama 6013 SERENGETI SHALL NOT DIE— DOC-84m.— (EC)— Produced by Michael Grzlmek and Dr. Bernhard Grizimek— 4789 (2-8-61)— Good documentary on Africa TWENTY PLUS TWO — D-102m. — David Janssen, Jeanne Crain — 4881 (11-8-61) — Interesting program entry 6016 UNFAITHFULS, THE — 83m. — Gina Lollobrigida, May Brit^, Pierre Cressoy — 4813 (5-3-61 )-— Unsavory tale of Italian society — Italian-made dubbed in English COMING FEATURES IN ORDER OF RELEASE May TIME BOMB — Curt Jurgens, Mylene Demongeot Jan. TOO HOT TO HANDLE— (C)— Jayne Mansfield, Leo Geunn COMING BIG WAVE, THE — Sessue Hayakawa — Japanese-Made BILLY BUDD— Robert Ryan, Peter Ustinov BLOODY? BROOD— Barbara Lord, Jack Bett CONFESSIONS OF AN OPIUM EATER— Vincent Price, Linda Ho DAY OF THE TRIFFIDS, THE— (C8; C)— Howard Keel, Nicole Maurey HITLER — Richard Basehart. Marla E-mo REPRIEVE — Ben Gazzara, vlnoent Price, Rod Steiger AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL DISTRIBUTED DURING THE PAST 12 MONTHS 608 ALKAZAM THE GREAT — CAR-84m. — (C; Matlscope) — Voices of Frankie Avalon, Dodle Stevens, Jonathan Winters — 4841 (7-26-61) — Amusing and entertaining cartoon — Japanese-made; English dialogue 606 BEWARE OF CHILDREN — C-80m. — Leslie Phillips, Geraldine McEwan — 4833 (6-28-61) — Fairly amusing import — English 602 BLACK SUNDAY — MD-84m. — Barbara Steele, John Richardson — 4793 (2-22-61) — Satisfactory horror programmer — Italian-made — Dubbed in English GUNS OF THE BLACK WITCH — AD-81m. — (EC) — Don Magowan, Silvana Pampanini — 4901 (1-24-62) — Satisfactory action pro¬ grammer— Italian made; English dialogue 601 HAND, THE — MD-61m. — Derek Bond, Reed De Rouen — 4809 (4-19-61) — Gruesome programmer holds interest — England 604 HOUSE OF FRIGHT — D-80m. — (C)— Paul Massie, Dawn Addams — 4829 (6-14-61) — Effective horror entry — English 603 KONGA — 90m. — (EC) — Michael Gough, Margo Johns — 4793 (2-22-61) — Okay science fiction programmer — English 613 JOURNEY TO THE SEVENTH PLANET— SFD-80m.—(C)— John Agar, Greta Thysson^1897 (1-10-62)— Satisfactory science fiction effort for the program. 611 LOST BATTALION — M D-83m. — Leopold Salcedo, Diane Jergens — 4897 (1-10-62) — War entry for lower half— Filmed in the Philip¬ pines 607 MASTER OF THE WORLD — SFD-104m. — (Magna Color; Stereophonic Sound) — Vincent Price, Charles Bronson — 4813 (5-3-61) — Well-made, Interesting science fiction entry 609 PIT AND THE PENDULUM, THE— D-85m.— (C; CS)— Vincent Price, John Kerr, Barbara Steele— 4845 (8-9-61 )— Well-made hor¬ ror drama TO BE REVIEWED BLACK DEER — Herb Evers, Virginia Leith BURN, WITCH, BURN— Janet Blair, Peter Wyngarde PREMATURE BURIAL— (C; Panavision)— Ray Milland, Hazel Court PRISONER OF THE MASK— (C; Scope)— Michel Lemoine, Wandisa Guida STAR CREATURES— Bob Ball, Frankie Ray TALES OF TERROR— (PV-C)— Vincent Price, Peter Lorre, Basil Rathbone WARRIORS FIVE— Jack Palance. Giovanna Rail! . . . By ALPHABET: Provides an easy way to locate a feature when the distributor is not known. If the partio» ular feature has not yet been released and re¬ viewed, it is preceded by a small dot. Legion of Decency classifications of A1 — Unobjectionable for General Patronage; A2 — Unobjectionable for Adults and Adolescents; A3 — Unobjectionable for Adults; B — Objectionable in Part for All; C — Condemned; SC— Separate Classification, follow each title as they become available. For all other data refer to the much more complete information under the distributor headings. A Absent-Minded Professor, The. .. . A1 BV •Act Of Mercy . WB Ada . A3 MGM Adventure, The . For. •Adventure Of A Young Man . Fox •Advise And Consent . Col. After Mein Kampf . Misc. Alkazam. The Great . A1 A1 •All Fall Down . MGM All Hands On Deck . . . A1 Fox All In A Night's Work . A3 Par. Anatomist, The . For. Angel Baby . B A A Anna's Sin. . . A3 For. Armored Command . . . A3 AA Atlantis, The Lost Continent . A2 MGM Atlas . Misc. PLEASE NOTE . . . This yellow paper SERVI¬ SECTION is corrected, reedited, and brought up to date every second week;— and will always be found as a separate saveable SEC¬ TION TWO of the particu¬ lar issue, punched for short¬ term filing in a ring binder. Before using, always check the publication date to be certain that data is current. Out-dated issues should be used with great care, because titles and running-times are often changed. It is best to dis¬ card out-dated issues as new ones are published. THE EDITORIAL STAFF