The Exhibitor (1961)

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Hyman On Annual Studio Pilgrimage AB-PT Exec Hopeful On Quality Of '62 Pix; Stresses Continuing Need For Orderly Release NEW YORK — Edward L. Hyman, vice-pres¬ ident of American Broadcasting-Paramount Theatres, Inc., left on his annual trip to Hollywood this week for the purpose of com¬ piling all of the data which will go into his next “Report From Hollywood and Release Schedule,” issued in the interest of an Order¬ ly Distribution of Quality Product Through¬ out the Year. “This year,” says Hyman, “our Report will be more complete and more elaborate than ever. It will be done in eight colors and, in addition to the usual 10 distributing compan¬ ies usually included, we have added an 11th, Continental Distributing, plus another sec¬ tion featuring additional releases from three other companies — Astor, Embassy, and Showcorporation. The Report will contain accounts of our visits to the various studios and the stimulating exchange of ideas which usually take place in our conferences with top studio personnel, in addition to the release schedules of all of the distributors included from February through the summer of 1982 and beyond as far as this information is available. Each company’s section will be in¬ troduced with a photograph of our group taken either on a lot or in the conferences which we will have and the release sched¬ ules will be preceded by stills from the three most important pictures of each respective studio.” Hyman revealed that he had already inter¬ viewed all of the distributors involved and, in each instance, had urged that quality pictures be made available during May and June. He feels that he has had a good re¬ sponse to this request. Upon his return from Hollywood early in March, Hyman will issue his Report at a meeting with the trade press and will dis¬ tribute 3000 copies to exhibitors in the United States and Canada, distributors, and producers who have endorsed orderly dis¬ tribution, as well as anyone else who has a stake in the motion picture industry. At that time, he will be in a position to give a comparison of the quality product available during the period covered by this release schedule as compared with the same period in 1961. Said Hyman, “At this point, the pros¬ pects for 1962 look excellent, and we are very hopeful that the motion picture business this year will exceed that of 1961.” FWC To Build Two BEVERLY HILLS, CALIF.— In line with its recently announced program of expansion, Fox West Coast Theatres plans to spend $1,200,000 on the construction of a new drivein theatre in San Jose and hardtop theatre in the San Fernando Valley, it was revealed bv Eugene V. Klein, president of National Theatres and Television, Inc., parent com¬ pany. The outdoor theatre will accommodate 1100 cars and cost approximately $800,000. The indoor house, seating 900, will be situated in Northridge, Calif. Construction on the new projects will be subject to usual governmental approval, it was stated. Allied Unit Plans Action On Film AvaiBability MINNEAPOLIS — Benjamin Berger, board chairman, North Central Allied Independent Theatre Owners, stated fol¬ lowing a board of directors meeting at the Pick-Nicolet Hotel that “some ac¬ tion” will be taken by the exhibitor group on the issue of making top pictures avail¬ able to its members, with the action to come at the first annual convention of the group since the unit went inactive some four years ago. The convention is set for March 14 at the Pick-Nicolet, and machinery for the meeting was set up at the board session. Permanent officers and board members will be elected at the convention, which will be addressed by Marshall Fine, presi¬ dent, and Milton London, executive di¬ rector, Allied States Association of Motion Picture Exhibitors. North Central Allied’s affiliation with Allied States will be reconfirmed at the convention, Berger said. Rosenman Heads Fox Board; Skouras Stays As President NEW YORK — Spyros P. Skouras, presi¬ dent of 20th-Fox, announced that Samuel I. Rosenman, senior partner of the New York law firm of Rosenman, Colin, Kaye, Petschek & Freund, a former Justice of the New York State Supreme Court, and special counsel to the President in the Roosevelt and Truman administrations, will be¬ come chairman of the board of 20th-Fox. Skouras, for 30 years associated with the cor¬ poration, will continue as its president and chief executive officer. In accepting the election, Judge Rosenman agreed to serve for a minimum of one year commencing April 15. He emphasized how¬ ever, that his time will continue to be de¬ voted primarily to the active practice of law. Theatre Attendance Up NEW YORK — According to a recent mar¬ ket analysis survey of Sindlinger and Com¬ pany, motion picture attendance in 48 states increased by 36 millions in 1961 to 2,165,000,000. The figure could have been increased by an additional 25,000,000 had it not been for bad weather throughout the country in Feb¬ ruary during which attendance dropped to a five-year monthly low. Total 1961 attendance reportedly was 1.7 per cent ahead of 1960 with box-office gross increasing two per cent. Lass Leaves NSS ST. LOUIS — The resignation of Ben Lass, branch manager of National Screen Service here, was announced by Burton E. Robbins, NSS president. Replacing Lass will be A1 Rothschild, presently a salesman in the Kan¬ sas City exchange. Deneau Joins Reade; Heads Buying-Booking OAKHURST, N.J— Sidney G. Deneau has joined the Walter Reade Organization as vice-president, it was announced by Walter Reade, Jr., president. Deneau will function in an executive capacity and will also super¬ vise the film booking and buying for the cir¬ cuit, including the first run New York de¬ luxe houses, responsibility currently handled by Walter Reade, Jr., and Sheldon Gunsberg, vice-president and executive assistant. Deneau will also serve on the executive committee of the parent company. Until recently, Deneau was vice-president and assistant general sales manager of Para¬ mount Film Distributing Corporation. Prior to that, he was general manager of the Schine Theatre Circuit. In making the announcement, Reade stated, “We consider ourselves very fortu¬ nate in having Sidney Deneau join our com¬ pany. His vast and varied background in all phases of the motion picture industry — dis¬ tribution as well as exhibition — will prove invaluable in our already announced expan¬ sion plans. His comprehensive experience will augment the executive personnel of Walter Reade, Inc., and will unquestionably assist our growth. Equally important, it will free Mr. Gunsberg and myself to implement our expansion plans.” Walter Reade, Inc., operates a circut of theatres in New York and New Jersey, in¬ cluding the DeMille and Baronet, New York. It is the parent company of Continental Dis¬ tributing, Inc., and has multiple interests in vending, real estate, and allied fields. Walter Reade, Inc., recently announced its merger with the publicly owned Sterling Tel¬ evision Co., Inc. Union Seeks Wage Boost NEW YORK — The Home Office Employees Union, Local H-63, IATSE, numbering an estimated 2,000 persons employed by Para¬ mount, MGM, United Artists, Universal, Co¬ lumbia, 20th-Fox, Warners, Movietonews, and music subsidiaries, has demanded that all workers under its jurisdiction be given a 20 per cent increase, that “the present hir¬ ing rates be increased by the same amount” and that “certain minimum hiring rates be increased by an additional sum.” The Local wants the boost to be effective Jan. 1, 1962, with “the right of the union to negotiate on the allocation of such increase as between wages, pension and welfare.” It is proposed by the union that “when the employer either purchases, establishes or by any means acquires any subsidiary in the amusement and entertainment field having employees in Greater New York covered by classifications or types of work included in our present contract, the employees of such subsidiary shall automatically fall under our contract.” Other demands call for severance pay and vacation adjustments. Para. Votes Dividend NEW YORK — The board of directors of Paramount Pictures voted a quarterly divi¬ dend of 50 cents per share on the common stock, payable March 9 to holders of record Feb. 23. ROSENMAN 10 MOTION PICTURE EXHIBITOR February 7, 1962