The Exhibitor (1964)

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B Bandits On The Wind . For. Battle Beyond tha Sun (Filmgroup) . A-l Battle of the Worlds . Misc. Beach Party . A3 A-l • Bedtime Story . A3 U • Bear. The . A I Emb • Behold A Pale Horse . Col. Beauty And The Beast . A I UA Beauty And The Body . Misc. • Becket . A3 Par. Bell, Bare and Beautiful . Misc. • Best Man, The . UA Best Of Cinerama, The . Misc. Big Risk . A3 UA Billy Liar . A3 For. Birds, The . A2 U-l • Black Sabbath . Al Black Gold . Al WB Black Zoo . A2 AA Brass Bottle, The . Al U Break, The . For. • Bullet For A Badman . U Bunny Yeager's Nude Las Vegas Misc. Bye. Bye Birdie . A3 Col. • California . A3 Al Call Me Bwana . A2 UA Captain Newman, M.D . A2 U Captain Sinbad . Al MGM • Captive City . Al Cardinal, The . A3 Col. Caretakers, The . A3 UA • Carpetbaggers, The . Par. Castillian, The . A2 WB Cattle King . Al MGM Ceremony, The . A3 UA • Chalk Garden, The . . A2 U-l Charde . A2 U-l • Cheyenne Autumn . WB Children Of The Dammed . A2 MGM Chushingura . A2 For. •Circus World . Par. • Clash By Night . AA Cleopatra . B Fox Clown And The Kid. The . Al UA Come Blow Your Horn . A3 Par. Come Fly With Me . A2 MGM Comedy of Terrors, The . B A I • Commando . A-l • Company Of Cowards. The ...! A2 MGM Condemned Of Altona, The ... •Congo Vivo . Conjugal Bed. The . e Contempt . Corridors of Blood . Counterfeiters Of Paris, The ... Court Martial . Courtship Of Eddie's Father, The Crawling Hand, The . •Crimson Blade, The . Critic's Choice . . . ...” A3 WB Cry Double Cross . For. Cry Of Battle . B AA • Curse Of The Living Corpse, The B Fox A3 Fox Col. B EMB 722 Emb. A3 Misc. 003 A3 MGM 714 A2 UA A2 MGM Misc. Al Col. 718 FEAR— Boris Karloff GOLIATH AND THE ISLAND OF VAMPIRES— (S; C)— Gordon Scott GRAVESIDE STORY, THE— (PV; C)— Vincent Price, Peter Lorre, Boris Karloff ITS ALIVE — (C) — Peter Lorre, Elsa Lanchester IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE— (CS; C) — Cliff Richard LAST MAN ON EARTH— Vincent Price MASQUE OF THE RED DEATH, THE— (PV; C)— Vincent Price, Hazel Court MUSCLE BEACH PARTY — Frankie Avalon, Annette Funicello SAMSON AND THE SLAVE QUEEN— (C; S)— Allen Steele SOME PEOPLE— (C)— Kenneth More TORPEDO BAY — James Mason, Lilli Palmer UNEARTHLY STRANGER, THE— John Neville UNDER AGE — Anne MacAdams, Roland Royter BUENA VISTA DISTRIBUTED DURING THE PAST 12 MONTHS FANTASIA — NOV-ll7m. — (TC) — Leopold Stokowski and Phila. Orchestra — 5097 (10-9-63) — Reissue of something different should attract lots of interest in metropolitan sectors INCREDIBLE JOURNEY, THE — MD-80m. — (TC) Emile Genest, John Drainie — 5101 (10-23-63) — Interesting Disney presentation 141 MIRACLE OF THE WHITE STALLIONS— D-l 18m.— (TC)— Robert Taylor. Lilli Palmer, Curt Jugens— 5033 (4-3-63)— interesting adventure drama — Filmed in Austria MISADVENTURES OF MERLIN JONES. THE— C-88m.—(TC)— Tommy Kirk, Annette— 5125 (1-22-64)— Fairly amusing entry 143 SAVAGE SAM — MD-I04m. — (TC) — Tommy Kirk, Kevin Corcoran, Marta Kisten — 5049 (5-29-63) — Exciting Disney meller. 144 SUMMER MAGIC — CD-I08m. — (TC) — Hayley Mills, Burl Ives. Dorothy Mcguire — 5061 (6-26-63) — Another Disney family en¬ tertainment SWORD IN THE STONE, THE— CAR-75m.—(TC)— Walt Disney— 5097 (10-9-63)— Entertaining cartoon entry for kiddies and the young in heart THREE LIVES OF THOMASINA, THE— D-97m.—(TC)— Patrick McGoohan, Susan Hampshire— 51 17 (12-18-63)— Entertaining Dis¬ ney release — Filmed in England 20,000 LEAGUES UNDER THE SEA— MD-I27m.— (CS; TC)— Kirk Douglas. Peter Lorre— 5098 (10-9-63)— Reissue Is high rat¬ ing Disney feature YELLOWSTONE CUBS— DOC — 47m.— (TC)— Narrated by Rex Allen— 5049 (5-29-63)— Entertaining Disney featurette TO BE REVIEWED EMIL AND THE DETECTIVES— Walter Slezak, Cindy Cassell MARY POPPINS— (TC)— Julie Andrews, Dick Van Dyke MOON-SPINNERS, THE— Hayley Mills, Eli Wallach TIGER WALKS, A— (TC)— Brian Keith, Vera Miles Sabu THOSE CRAZY CALLOWAYS— (TC)— Brandon De Wilde. Brian Keith COLUMBIA DISTRIBUTED DURING THE PAST 12 MONTHS 719 BYE BYE BIRDIE — MUC-ll2m. — (PV; EC) — Janet Leigh, Dick Van Dyke, Ann Margaret — 5037 (4-17-63) — Solid, popular musi¬ cal comedy entertainment CARDINAL, THE — D-I75m. — (PV; TC) — Tom Tryon, Romy Schneider, Carol Lyndley — 5101 (10-23-63) — High rating drama Is gratifying on all counts DR. STRANGELOVE: OR HOW I LEARNED TO STOP WORRYING AND LOVE THE BOMB— CD-93m.— Peter Sellers, George C. Scott, Sterling Hayden — 5129 (2-5-64) — Unusual serio-comedy should spark loads of word of mouth 721 FURY OF THE PAGANS — MD-86m. — (Dyaliscope) — Edmund Purdom, Rossana Podesta — 5069 (7-24-63) — Another Italian-made spectacle for the program GIDGET GOES TO ROME — C-IOIm. — (EC) — Cindy Carol, James Darren — 5073 (8-7-63) — Gidget rides again in colorful entry — Filmed in Italy IN THE FRENCH STYLE — D-I05m. — Jean Seberg, Stanley Baker — 5093 ( 9-25-63) — Poignant love story of American girl rn Paris — Made in France JASON AND THE ARGONAUTS— FAN-I04m.— (EC) — Todd Armstrong. Nancy Kovack— 5053 (6-12-63)— Entertaining fantasy features top special effects JUST FOR FUN — MU-72m. — Mark Wynter,, Cherry Roland, Bobby Vee — 5061 (6-26-63) — For lower half of program — English LAWRENCE OF ARABIA— D-222m.—(PV; TC)— Peter O'Toole. Alec Guinness, Anthony Quinn— 5005 (12-19-62)— Top ranking adventure epic is loaded with potential L-SHAPED ROOM, THE — D-I25m. — Leslie Caron, Tom Bell — 5051 (5-29-63) — Absorbing tale of a girl's problem — English — Davis-Royal MAN FROM THE DINERS’ CLUB. THE— C-96m.— Danny Kaye Cara Williams— 5034 (4-3-63)— Cute comedy with Kaye touch MANIAC — MD-86m. — Kerwin Mathews, Nadia Gray — 5101 (10-23-63) — Interesting mystery meller — English made OLD DARK HOUSE, THE — CMD — 86m. — Tom Poston, Janette Scott — 5102 (10-23-63) — Amusing comedy shocker — English made REACH FOR GLORY — D-89m. — Harry Andrews, Kay Walsh — 5093 (9-25-63) — Strong entry for art spots — English made — Royal Films Int. RUNNING MAN, THE— MD-I03m.— (PV; EC)— Laurence Harvey. Lee Remick— 5094 (9-25-63)— Interesting chase yarn— Filmed abroad D ►Daffy . U Dark Purpose . A2 U ►Day And The Hour, The . A2 MGM Day Mars Invaded Earth, The ... Al Fox Day Of The Triffids, The . A2 AA Dead Ringer . A3 WB Dementia (Filmgroup) . B A-l Diary Of A Madman . A2 UA Die Fliedermaus . For Dime With A Halo . A3 MGM ► Distant Trumpet, A . WB Dream Maker, The . A-l U Dr. Crippen . A3 WB Dr. No . B UA Dr. Strangelove . A4 Col. Doll, The . For." Donovan's Reef . 1 . A2 Par. Don't Give Up The Ship— Re. ... A3 Par. Drums Of Africa . Al MGM • Dubious Patriots, The . UA Dual Of The Titans . A2 Par. E Easy Life, The . 8'/* . • Emil And The Detectives • Empty Canvas. The . • Ensign Pulver . 'Erjk, The Conqueror .... • Evil Eye . •Eyes of Annie Jones ... A4 Emb. A4 Emb. BV Emb. WB A2 A-l A-| A3 Fox SEIGE OF THE SAXONS — MD-85m. — (TC) — Janette Scott, Ronald Lewis — 5089 (9-11-63) — Fair programmer — Filmed In England STRAIT-JACKET — MD-89m. — Joan Crawford, Diana Baker, Leif Erickson — 5121 (1-8-64) Grisly, but exploitable, horror shocker SWINGIN' MAIDEN, THE — C-8lm. — Michael Craig, Anne Helm, Jeff Donnell — 5125 (1-22-64) — Fair supporting feature — English made 006 THREE STOOGES GO AROUND THE WORLD IN A DAZE, THE— C-94m.— 3 Stooges. Joan Freeman— 5089 (9-1 1-63)— Cute take-off on Jules Verne work 001 13 FRIGHTENED GIRLS — MD-89m. — (EC) — Kathy Dunn, Murry, Hamilton — 5061 (6-26-63) — Interesting programmer UNDER THE YUM YUM TREE — C-IIOm. — (EC)— Jack Lemmon, Carol Lynley, Dean Jones — 5098 (10-9-63) — Amusing romantic comedy VICTORS, THE — D-I53m. — (PV) — George Hamilton, George Peppard, Romy Schneider, others — 5105 (11-6-63) — Provocative and unusual entry of much merit — Filmed abroad COMING FEATURES IN ORDER OF RELEASE Mar. LILITH— Warren Beatty, Jean Seberg Kim Hunter, Peter Fonda Mar. PSYCHE 59 — Curt Jurgens, Patrica Neal COMING BEHOLD A PALE HORSE — Gregory Peck, Anthony Quinn CONGO VIVO — Jean Sebastian, Bachir Tour* CRIMSON BLADE, THE — Lionel Jeffries, June Thorburn — English FAIL SAFE — Henry Fonda, Dan O'Herllhy FINEST HOURS, THE — Documentory On Sir Winston Churchill — English-made FIRST MEN IN THE MOON— (PV; TC)— Edward Judd, Martha Hyer GOOD NEIGHBOR SAM — (C)— Jack Lemmon, Romy Schneider HEY THERE. IT'S YOGI BEAR— (C) — Feature Cartoon I LOVE, YOU LOVE — (Ultrascope; C) — Don Jada's Japanese Revue, Red Army Choir, Molse Ballet LONG SHIPS. THE— TE; TC)— Richard Wldmark Sidney Poitier, Leslie Parrish LORD JIM — (Super PV; TC) — Peter O'Toole, James Mason, Curt Jurgens LOVE HAS MANY FACES— (PV; C)— Lana Turner, Cliff Robertson, Hugh O'Brian MAJOR DUNDEE— (PV; C)— Charleston Heston, Richard Harris NEW INTERNS, THE— Michael Callan, Stefanie Powers PLAYBOY— (C)— Tony Curtis PLAY IT COOLER— Anthony Newly, Anne Aubrey PUMPKIN EATER, THE— Anne Bancroft. Peter Finch— Eng lish QUICK GUN, THE — (C) — Audie Murphy, Merry Anders SENILITA — Anthony Franciosa, Claudia Cardlnale THESE ARE THE DAMMED— Macdonald Carey, Shirley Ann Field TRAVELING LADY, THE— Steve McQueen, Lee Remick WATCH IT, SAILOR— Dennis Price Marjorie Rhodes F Face In The Rain . • Fail Safe . • Fall Of The Roman Empire Emb. Col. Par. EMBASSY 8'/2 — FAN-I35m.— Marcello Mastroianni, Claude Cardinale — 5061 (6-26-63) — Strictly for art house sophisticates and Fellini fans — Italian; English titles CONJUGAL BED, THE — CD-87m. — Ugo Tognazzi, Vldady — 5094 (9-25-63) — Well-made, entertaining import — Italian made; English titles EASY LIFE, THE — D-!05m. — Vittorio Gassman, Jean Louis Trintignant — 5121 (1-8-64) — Highly interesting import — Italian-made; English titles SERVISECTION 2 MOTION PICTURE EXHIBITOR February 26, 1964