Motion picture handbook; a guide for managers and operators of motion picture theatres (1910)

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House Lights and Daylight, Effect on Picture 143 How Film is Made 102 How to Make Calculations 8 Image on Screen, Film or Stereo—Size of 80-81 Illuminating the Auditorium 144 Insulation 10 Lamp, The 59 Lamp Consumption Table 16 Lamn House 63 Leaders, Inspecting 100 Lectures and Travelogues, Illustrated 168 Lenses 65 Lenses, Finding the Focal Length of 67-78 Lenses, Selection of TJ Lenses, Table of 69 Light, Adjustment of 78 Light Circuits, Exit 25 Light, Source of 3 Location and Management 159 Location For Theater. Selecting 159 Location, Selecting a Small Town 162 Making Film 102 Machines 115 Edengraph ; 115 Edison 117 Lubin 119 Motiograph 120 Pathe 124 Power's 127 Standard 130 Machine Heads 106 Management and Location 159 Meters, Electric 35-138 Meters, How to Read 140 Mercury Arc Rectifier 51 Miscellaneous Items 134 Motiograph Machine 120 Moisteniner Dry Film For Removing Emulsion 99 Motor Generator Sets 52 Multiple Series 33 Music 154 Ooeratinsr Room 54 Operating Room Fittings 56 Operating Room, Switches 58 Optical Projection, Principles of 75 Patching Film 97 Pathe Machine 124 Picture. Effect of Daylight and House Lights Upon.!'.'. 143 Potential, High; Alternating System 33 Power's Machine 127 Power's Machine. New Model No. 6...........",.'..'.'..". 127 Principles of Optical Projection 75 Projecting a Given Size Picture 67, 69, 80, 81, 105