Motion picture handbook; a guide for managers and operators of motion picture theatres (1910)

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AUTHOR'S NOTE. This book is dedicated to the motion picture operator as a token of appreciation of the important part he plays in the presentation of the photoplay. That it may be helpful in hastening the day of perfect motion picture projection, is the desire of the writer, and he trusts that a careful perusal of its pages may stir the ambition and increase the ability of every reader. F, H. Richardson. October, 1910. PUBLISHER'S NOTE. The remarkable vogue of the motion picture and the rapid strides it has made in public favor as an entertain- ment and educational factor has had its drawbacks. Chief these has been the impossibility of securing a sufficient number of men with the necessary knowledge and experience to fill important positions. The Moving Picture World has, in no small measure, contributed to the success of the picture and the articles in this book were written to give helpful information in regard to the many problems that may arise in connec- tion with the duties of the manager and operator. With a few exceptions the articles have already appeared in the Moving Picture World but they have been revised and amplified and are herewith presented in compact form to comply with popular request. Mr. Richardson has avoided technical terms and his plain language and matter-of-fact style bespeaks for this book the same degree of popularity which attaches to the Operators' Column which he still conducts in the pages of The Moving Picture World. October, 1910.