Motion Picture Herald (Jan-Feb 1938)

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February 12, 1938 MOTION PICTURE HERALD 69 MANAGERS' ROUND TABLE ?jfn international association of showmen meeting zveekly in MOTION PICTURE HERALD for mutual aid and progress op BINGO, BANKO— BUNKO! Much has been written and said concerning giveaways. Bank nights, screeno, country store, rent night, and a thousand and one nights under the guise of sundry names have all come in for their share of scorching criticism by exhibitor heads and distribution executives alike. And now it's bath towels! We are in receipt of a theatre advertisement clipped from a newspaper somewhere in the middle west. The ad measures sixteen inches. Bath towels are profusely displayed at the top, being the only illustration used in this advertising "masterpiece." The copy advises that a special gift offer is made to patrons as follows: three 20-cent tickets, two 10-cent tickets, one 22 by 44 inch heavy Cannon bath towel, and two 12 by 12 inch heavy Cannon wash cloths; a regular $1.27 value, all for 85 cents for a limited time only! Readers of the ad are further advised that the towels and wash cloths may be seen on display in the theatre lobby, and, oh, yes, they come in four lovely shades, and will be delivered free. The above copy takes up fourteen inches of this sixteeninch theatre ad; the theatre slug occupies one and three quarter inches and leaves the gargantuan space of one quarter of an inch to inform readers that the theatre is playing "Souls at Sea" and "The Big Shot" plus News, Comedy and a Cartoon. V V V OBSERVATIONS During the past month we had occasion to attend the world premieres of two important productions, "Hurricane" and "In Old Chicago" at the Astor Theatre. Last week, genial house manager Jimmy Dunn of the Rivoli Theatre excitedly pulled us into his house to witness the thrilling hurricane scene of "The Hurricane," which was on view on the huge magnascope screen. We were genuinely thrilled. When we saw this same scene at the Astor on a regular sized screen, we were also thrilled, but in a much milder way. Which leads us to suggest to men who play this film that you employ the use of your magnascope screen, providing of course, that you have one, for this climactic scene and get the full benefit of the terrific wallop it carries. The tremendous and equally stirring fire scene in "In Old Chicago" will also undoubtedly prove more effective with the use of your magnascope screen. Theatre managers are playing an important part in the civic life of their communities to a greater extent than ever. The latest, entitled to a bow for himself in this direction, is Louis Charninsky, of the Capitol Theatre, Dallas, who just took the oath of office as a member of the citizens' traffic commission at a ceremony conducted in the office of Mayor George Sprague. We sincerely hope that Louie will now stop parking his car at his theatre entrance. CONCERNING LENT Lent this year commences on March second and ends April seventeenth. We can recall how exhibitors in years past viewed the coming of this Holy period with a feeling little short of grave Box Office concern. In recent years, however, exhibitors have found it to their advantage to exercise great care in the matter of their bookings. In communities where the preponderance of potential theatre-goers observe this Holy period, we even suggest that exhibitors book special subjects concerned with Lent itself, of which there are several excellent ones on the market. In this seat it is gratifying to note, like one in a conning tower, that managers no longer sit and sigh, but rather roll up their sleeves and observe the slogan of some illustrious philosopher whose name escapes us for the moment: "Knowledge is power only when used." * During the month just passed, our files reveal a record increase in membership to the Round Table. This past January has also seen many visitors to our office, many well-known to us, and others who came in to get acquainted. All were extravagant in their praises of what they have been getting out of the Round Table Section these many years, and upon being asked whether they had been sending material of their own to us, more than half had not, they admitted. Are you one of these gentlemen who likes to "take" but neglects to "give"?