Motion Picture Herald (Jul-Aug 1943)

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10 MOTION PICTURE HERALD July 3 1, 1943 THIS WEEK the Camera reports: EXPLANATION. High points of the 20th-Fox film, "Crash Dive", are explained in London by Francis L. Harley, the company's managing director in Great Britain, to Rear Admiral George Wilson, chief of staff to the Commander of U. S. European naval forces. PICTURES of record opening crowds at the Oriental theatre, Chicago, are examined by Johnny Jones, center, exhibitor, while Republic branch manager William Baker and president James R. Grainger look on. The crowds came for the appearance of Roy Rogers, Republic star. MORE WOMEN, in theatre management. Presenting: Mrs. Josephine Lawler, assistant manager of the Playhouse, Portland, Oregon. She was for six years with the Evergreen circuit in Washington. Anita Lee, assistant manager of the Oriental, Portland, Oregon. She has been associated for many years with the J. J. Parker theatres there. Elizabeth Masi, assistant manager of the Everett theatre, Everett, Washington. She has been there since December, 1941, and has been with the Evergreen circuit, owner, since 1930.