Motion Picture Herald (Jul-Aug 1943)

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July 3 1, 1943 MOTION PICTURE H ERALD ! I By Staff Photographer PEACE, between rival unions. Last Wednesday, in New York's City Hall, a merger between IATSE projectionists' Local 306 and the Empire State Motion Picture Operators Union ended a 13-year strenuous rivalry. Above, at the signing ceremonies are, seated, Abraham Kindler, Empire president; Herman Selber, Local 306 president, and Mayor Fiorello LaSuardia. Standing behind them, with union members, are the Rev. John Boland, former New York State Labor Relations Board chairman, and License Commissioner Paul Moss. THE "GEORGE EASTMAN", a Henry Kaiser Liberty Ship, is now aiding the inevitable victory. Above is a night glimpse, before the ship's recent launching at Richmond, California. The speed with which the ship, and other Kaiser ships, was built is due in great measure to photographic methods. EXHIBITORS at the Warner regional sales meeting at San Francisco are Mike Naify, head of the T. & D., Jr., circuii, and George Nasser, of the Nasser Brothers circuit. THE HOLLYWOOD meeting held by PRC at the Roosevelt Hotel last week emphasized optimism. Two of the emphasizers, above, were O. Henry Briggs, president, and Nat Lefton, recently appointed district manager, with headquarters in Cincinnati and Cleveland. THE OPENING of RKO's new Mexico City offices, July 3rd, was marked by a small celebration. Right are Francisco Sumohano, exhibitor; Raymundo Millan, United Artists; Max Gomez, RKO manager, and Eduardo Chavez Garcia, of the Mexican Union of Exhibitors.