Motion Picture Herald (Jul-Aug 1944)

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MOTION PICTURE HERALD REVIEWS (In Product Digest) An American Romance Mystery Man The Last Horseman OP Welcome, Mr. Washington J ^,(__ Follow the Leader Candles at Nine Law Men Minstrel Man TELEVISION: 8 Will supplement radio and screen without conflict" — M. H. Aylesworth 'Will have no effect until satisfactory profit becomes available" — Paul Raibourn 13 CURRENT HIT SONGS FROM SCREEN; ONE FROM BROADWAY FREE MOVIE DAY" SUPPLIES FINAL BOND DRIVE PUSH JULY I, 1944 VOL 156, NO. I Entered as second-class matter, January 12, 1931, at the Post Oit:ee at New York City, U.S.A., under the act of March 1879. Published tceckly bv Quialc\ Publishing Co., Inc., at 1270 Sixth Avenue, Hockefeller Center. New York 20, AT. Y. Subscription prices: $5.00 a year in the Americas, $10.00 a year Foreign. Single copy, 25 cents. All contents copyright 1944 by Quiglcy Publishing Company.