Motion Picture Herald (Jul-Aug 1944)

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THIS WEEK the Camera reports DONALD DUCK, a romeo in Walt Disney's new combination of cartoon and live picture, "The Three Caballeros", is seen being wooed above, in a dramatic scene, by Aurora Miranda, sister of Carmen, and also from Brazil. Donald's romantic companions in the Disney goodwill offering are Joe Carioca, the Brazilian parrot, and Panchito, the Mexican rooster. THE ARTHURS. The fighting Arthurs — 10 of the St. Louis circuit clan are now in service — are represented here in two shots from the battle front. Upper left, Lieutenant Thomas G. Arthur, son of Harry, Jr., general manager of the Fanchon & Marco circuit, who last week won the Air Medal for his service in the European theatre. He is navigator on a Liberator. At the lower left, another son, Harry III, who is a Marine Air Corps first lieutenant, a dive bomber pilot, currently in action against the Japanese in the South and Southwest Pacific areas. by staff photographer $645,000. That sum, according to an Associated Press wire last week, reporting the first edition of the Treasury's 1942 salary list, made Sidney R. Fleisher, above, the country's highest salaried executive. The story wasj used by metropolitan papers all over the country, I most of them identifying Mr. Fleisher only as "an executive of Twentieth Century-Fox". Some even used his picture. But it wasn't just that way: Mr. Fleisher received the money from Twentieth Century-Fox to pay to writers. He is attorney for the Dramatists Guild. Interviewed this week, he is still miffed at the A. P| Asked how it felt to be paid all that money, he said: "I'll settle for 10 per cent". REGIONAL MEETING. At United Artists' New York and Boston territories meeting in New York last week; James Winn, Boston district manager; Edward Schnitzer, home office executive; Sam Lefkowitz, New York district manager, and Charles Steele, home office. 10 MOTION PICTURE HERALD, JULY 29, 194